Why do People Get Dizzy

Why do people get dizzy? Knowing what causes dizziness? may help alleviate the problem, especially for those who have the symptoms repeatedly. There are a number of different reasons that the condition occurs and it is important to pinpoint the specific cause of your dizziness to ensure that you get proper treatment.

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Dizziness Defined

A number of factors come into play where dizziness is concerned, and the issue can become complicated because the term can be used to describe a number of different experiences. For example, someone who is feeling faint may say that the sensation is dizziness.

Some conditions associated with dizziness include:

• Feeling faint
• Lightheadedness
• Loss of balance
• Room spins
• Nausea
• Vertigo
• Weak knees
• Confusion

The general category of dizziness involves a sensation of disorientation. The person is unable to gain control of perception, making sensory processing difficult. This is especially important in relation to motion. The person may feel a sense motion when he or she is perfectly still.

A clear-cut definition of dizziness is difficult to determine but anyone feeling disorientated, unbalanced, or uneasy can benefit from exploring the problem. Part of the exploration involves becoming familiar with the causes of dizziness.

Causes of Dizziness

Just as the types of dizziness differ, the causes do as well. Some minor conditions can lead to the motion-processing problem, but some very serious medical conditions can as well. It is extremely import to discuss the sensations with a physician to rule out any possible underlying medical problems.

Possible causes of dizziness that are serious in nature include:

• Heart attack
• Stroke
• Brain injury
• Drug overdose
• Peripheral neuropathy
• Panic attack
• Inner ear infection

Common causes of dizziness that are not necessarily related to serious medical conditions include:

• Motion sickness
• Inner ear imbalance
• Anxiety
• Medication side effect
• Meniere’s disease
• Changes in blood pressure
• Hungry

Changes in blood pressure can occur when a person stands up very quickly.

Addressing the Problem

Dizziness can be very troublesome if it occurs often enough. Some people become very apprehensive about engaging in activities because they are afraid of becoming dizzy. Approaches that can help alleviate the problem include:

• Take medication before bed
• Avoid alcohol
• Get enough sleep
• Eat regular meals
• Get enough nutrition
• Stay hydrated
• Exercise
• Practice balancing exercises
• Acupuncture
• Hypnosis
• Lower blood pressure

Using a combination of the techniques used to quell dizzy spells can help but it is critical to make sure that any underlying medical conditions are addressed as well. A comprehensive approach to the problem can yield excellent results.

Anyone feeling faint after having a head injury, no matter how slight it seems, requires immediate medical attention. This can be a sign that the brain has been bruised. This can lead to bleeding, which causes pressure on the brain that can lead to severe damage or death.

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