Why Do Indians “Smell Bad?”

Because of a few unpleasant experiences with Indians that some non-Indians have had, the rumors or myth that Indians smell bad have circulated, and unfortunately, what goes in the mind often controls the smell that goes into the nose as well.

Why Do Indians Smell Bad Why Do Indians “Smell Bad?”

Indians Do Not Smell Any Worse than Anyone Else

The truth is that Indians do not smell any worse than anyone else in any other culture. We’ve all come across people who smell bad, but it has nothing to do with their culture. Instead, it has to do with their hygiene habits, their living conditions, the foods that they eat, or the chemistry makeup in their body. It may also have to do with an addiction.

To say that all Indians smell bad is much the same as saying that all Muslims must be terrorists. If you were to believe that, then you must also be forced to believe that if you come across a white person who doesn’t pay their bills, then all white people do not pay their bills. To think that all Indians smell bad is prejudicial thought, at best.

Why Some People Think Indians Smell Bad

Some Indians smell bad – just as people from other cultures smell different – due to their diets. Indian food contains a great deal of curry, and this causes a distinct odor that some people do not care for. The same could be said of cultures that eat a lot of garlic, such as Italians. Foods such as this can cause the skin to have the smell of the food that is consumed.

Indians also have different sweat glands than people whose ancestors do not come from desert country. Just as Alaskan Indians sweat less, because of their cold heritage, Indians that originate from desert areas sweat more. Also, in terms of Indians who are still in their originating countries, it is important to note that many areas of those countries are not fully developed to provide for adequate hygiene. This is also true for parts of Alaska.

What Indians Can Do To Quell This Myth

Unfortunately, actions speak louder than words in our world, but only in some cases. For example, if you have a closed mind, you might think that all Indians smell bad without having ever experienced a smelly Indian yourself. In this case, the words are louder than the action. You need to reverse this train of thought if you are an Indian, but in the long run, you really can’t do much about what prejudiced people are going to think or say.

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199 Responses to “Why Do Indians “Smell Bad?””

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  1. 199
    lisa Says:

    people who make fun of others are bullys

  2. 198
    newmuslim Says:

    it’s indian hindu people i believe i have seen out many most time… ewwwhhh
    they stink like real crap out of drain’s!
    i think it’s due to spice they eat… maybe…

  3. 197
    Vilander Says:

    i am indian, i marinate myself in deo’s before venturing out. I have a theory on this. Somehow the same curry which does not latch on to the cloths in india does exactly that in temperate countries so indians who are new to the west smells bad :) . Bloody dumb crap heads some of us, but there is very little that can be done unless each and every one of those guys change. And other theory is, indian normally do not eat red meat and so they do not have strong body odour like the westerners whose mouth smells like a cess pit, so because of this they do not use deoderents like the westerners do, but hey there is always a start for anything. Dont be racist, you guys smell bad too, your mouth smells like cess pools and your arses smell pathetic because you do not use water, how unhygenic.. be humans and use water to clean usrself after taking a drop.

  4. 196
    Bob Says:

    I really enjoy people from India and have two penpals there. But they do smell. Terrible! I’ll bet none of you here have ever been on a place full of east Indians. Until you have, you shouldn’t say a doggone word. One smells bad enough, but a whole plane full is like breathing in rotting corpses. This is not racism. I love those people. Just hate their smell — and don’t worry, I’ve never let on. I suffer in silence.

  5. 195
    pearl Says:

    To the one who talks about sitting next to smell Indians. You are so jealous. I can make a list of cleanliness and I bet you fail all of them. I advise people,not all but to the ignorant. Go to an Indian holistic store and check out thei stainless steel tongue cleaner, the best. Brush your tongue because this is what causes your bad breath. Stop being a racist to one one when you fully well know that there is good and bad in every race. Indians at least dont put dead animals that causes worm in their body.

  6. 194
    pearl Says:

    There is good and bad in all races, regardless. Why do they say old people smell. Old people smell because of their medications,and some of them stubborn to take a shower. My friend is in healthcare. Sometimes not easy to give them a bath. Now talk about Indians. Indians cook with a lot of spices. Spices are very strong especally curry spices. The cooking oil gets on everything which will also creates odor on your clothes. Does this mean that because some people dont want to smell fresh doesnt mean the whole race is bad. I have been around in some non-Indians houses, especially with cats, I tell you this is this nastiness of the nastiness. I have nothing against animals. but if you don’t take proper care of them they smell. I tell you, I would not drink a glass of water from these people home. Kissing the animals and with the same hands serving, no way. Other races dont realize when people passes near them they smell, either their hair, their breath, or general body odor. My neighbor is of European descent and everytime she uses the elevator I feel like throwing up. The whole body smells. I mean the whole body. I covered my nose. People are just Indian haters, and just jealous of these people. Like I said, the good, the bad and the ugly are in every race.

    I am of Indian descent. I do not touch your door knobs, because I dont know where your hands had been. I do not drink your water from your glass because I am not sure if you wash the glass before you serve me. Now if you come to me home. I will serve you with brand new utensils. This is how I was raised. Hope we all learn some cleanliness here.
    thank you.

  7. 193
    Sandra Says:

    How dare you people talk about other race smells. Let me tell you all something. You want to be educated in cleanliness? There is good, bad, and the ugly in all races. I tell you, some Europeans passes by my side. My gosh,I dont think some of them to brush their tongue,some chinese passes me, I dont think that they washes their hair, and some chinese saying that hate Indians. You lived in India. You cooke anything that crawls on the floor. People kisses their dogs and cats and eat with the same hands? cat hair and dog hair on their sofa and they eat with that hair flying all over. So therefore, there is good and and bad in every race.I went in a vitamin shop and ask the sales girl for a tongue cleaner. She does not know what is a tongue scraper. By the way. I am not from India, but I buy tongue cleaner that is made in India. Did you just see the article that was published the other day< that old people smell,it's the same thing. If you cook with heavy spices and some people dont like it the oil gets on everything. It will smell. That is why we need proper venting especially living in a building. Their are many chinese born in India and living here in the US. some of them should check themselfs also before speaking. Because some of you people from different races, I can't smell you breath. Its stinks. People need to learn to scrape their tongue first before talking about other people. I am of Indian descent and you dare not come into my house with your shoes on. There is a reason for this. Some of you who think that you are so cleaned. I can make a list of dirtyness and you will be shocked. Dunking your hand in a bag of chips and share it with others, is unclean for me. Most Indians do eat meat. People,you are so cleaned, eating meat people dont realize you have worms lurking in your body. That is why you are advised to go to an Indian holistic store and buy a body detox. Using deodorants is a personal choice. I can understand that spices do have a hevy smell. Why do doctors now come with the herb "turmeric" good for alzheimes. Curry ks made from turmeric. Turmeric is good for the brain. Gosh, some people will need some turmeric. To those of you who are racist and labels people. You are advised in your home to check it out and see how clean you are. Not because you take a shower makes you clean. What dead animal do you put in your body, that is stench also.
    checf yuorself first. By the way people. Based on historical facts, this land when Columbus rediscovered was all Indians, he called them brown people, but Indians comes in different color. check the names of the state and you will find some are the same as India. New Delhi etc, All kinds of Indians were on this land. So check your DNA where its from.

  8. 192
    Frank Says:

    @Roy LMAO! this article is bull shit, India’s fucking reek!

  9. 191
    Roy Says:

    Tip for those who don’t want to fall asleep while riding in a bus (and missing their destination):


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