What Are Rosebud Lips?

If you’ve heard the expression ‘rosebud lips’ and never quite knew what they were, there is a fantastic example that you can refer to. Angelina Jolie has rosebud lips. Rosebud lips may come naturally to you, or you may need to use other means to acquire rosebud lips.

what are rosebud lips What Are Rosebud Lips?

Natural Rosebud Lips

If you are very lucky, you were born with rosebud lips. Your lips are thick, and they almost form an ‘O.’ If you have rosebud lips, the bottom lip and the upper lip are about the same size, but in some cases, the bottom lip may be a bit fuller than the top lip.

If you have natural rosebud lips, you should definitely dress them up and show them off. Use lipstick and lip gloss, but go easy on the lip liner, as this may make the lips look unnaturally large. Do not choose lipstick based on the size or shape of your mouth. Instead, choose lipstick based on the tone of your skin for beautiful results.

Using Makeup to Acquire Rosebud Lips

If you were not fortunate enough to be born with rosebud lips, you can still get them. One way to do this is with the use of makeup. Make use of lipstick, gloss, and lip liner. However, you must be very careful, otherwise, you will end up with results that make it look like you were messy with the lipstick.

Carefully draw your rosebud lips, and fill them in with lipstick, followed by lip gloss. Before you do this, however, you will probably want to use a base makeup or concealer on the part of your lips that will not be filled in with lipstick. This may take lots of practice to find just the right application for perfect rosebud lips. Understand, however, that there are easier, faster ways to acquire those rosebud lips that you desire.

Cosmetic Surgery for Rosebud Lips

You don’t really have to go ‘under the knife’ to obtain rosebud lips – although you could. Instead, you can get injections of collagen or Botox in your lips, and around your lips, to get the rosebud look that you desire. This way, you don’t have to worry about drawing your rosebud lips – they will just be there. Every six to eight weeks, you will need more injections to retain your rosebud look. Fortunately, these types of injections have become quite affordable, and they are safe.

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