Ways To Prevent Asthma

The number of the asthma cases has increased in the recent years and the researchers are looking for the cause. There is proof that allergens and other triggers exist even in houses and workplaces. Specific asthma symptoms such as sneezing, heavy breathing, heaviness in the chest are triggered by allergens such as dust mites, molds and pollen.

In the high-developed countries, asthma often has an allergic nature. China and Netherlands got the highest percent in the asthma cases caused by the allergies (of the allergic nature) while Turkey and India have the lowest percent.

asthma attack1 Ways To Prevent Asthma

The researcher’s attention is headed to allergens inside the house, trying to find ways to control and reduce the number of asthma attacks. The safest, logical and most effective way to control asthma is to avoid, if possible, the factors that cause allergies. The most common antigens are dust mites (Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus), molds, cockroaches, cigarette smoke, smoke from fireplaces or wood stoves and strong odors. Other 2000 indoor irritants can cause asthma attacks.

The role the allergen plays and how to combat it is different for each type of allergen. There are many ways to counteract their actions, but they all require several steps to take.

Three Steps To Avoid Asthma Attacks

The first step is relatively simple and economical: all you need do is to vacuum your home more often, remove all the objects that could host insects and install a few barriers, such as pillowcases or covers with thick fabric.

The second step is for those suffering from allergies and have passed the first step without any result; this step is more expensive and includes the removal of curtains that cannot be washed.

The third step is to clean the radiators elements using cleaning equipment and chemicals such as tannic acid, which acts against allergens or benzyl benzoate, which kills dust mites.

Some Ideas On How To Avoid The Allergens

  • Mites are the most common. They are microscopic, living in carpets, bedding, curtains, stuffed animals and prefer warm and wet places. Mites can be removed by vacuuming the house as often as possible, throwing away the stuffed animals  and reducing the humidity.
  • Allergens that come from animals  can cause asthma as well. When it comes to dogs and cats, their fur is not responsible for allergic reactions, but the substances in their saliva, urine or skin secretions. No matter how big or how small the animal is, the reaction is the same. Only after 4-6 months of moving animals and cleaning the house, especially the place where the cat used to sit, one can say that allergens are no longer a threat.
  • Bugs are also common, as shown by studies – more than half of the homes are affected by them, especially those in hot areas. Their extermination is sometimes difficult and requires cleaning the entire house as well.
  • Molds grow inside and outside the house and most of them do not cause allergic reactions. However, some molds – the ones that grow in warm and wet places, like those in basements and bathrooms, can give allergic reactions. You need to clean these areas with fungicides.

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    A recent study showed that taking vitamin D supplements caused a six fold reduction in the incidence of asthma attacks-that is a major effect and everyone with asthma should know about this. You can see the details of the study at vitaminD3world in the “in the news” section of the site

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