Vitamins to Treat Bruising

Bruising is a common problem that can be addressed with simple topical treatments that are filled with vitamins. Taking certain vitamins orally can help alleviate the problem as well. Consider the benefits of using vitamins as an alternative treatment for occasional bruising problems.

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It is important to watch how often bruising occurs. Some people tend to bruise easier than others, and this can be perfectly normal. However, if you tend to bruise very easily, it is important to talk to your physician about the problem. There may be an underlying medical problem that can lead to the bruises.

Medical problems

Medical problems may lead to excessive bruising. It is important to consult an physician if the bruises appear very often or if they are unusual in appearance. Possible conditions that can lead to bruises as a symptom include:

• Hemophilia
• Cirrhosis
• Infection in the valves of the heart
• Autoimmune diseases
• Hodgkin’s disease
• Multiple Myeloma
• Leukemia

Other Causes

Other causes of excessive bruising should be treated with the help of a physician as well. Bruises may occur when a person takes certain types of medications. Common medicines that can lead to the tendency to bruise easily include:

• Corticosteroids
• Blood thinners
• Aspirin

Herbal supplements may lead to the bruising problem as well:

• Garlic
• Ginger
• Fish Oil
• Ginkgo

Some people experience excessive bruises when they have vitamin deficiencies as well.

Vitamins to Treat Bruising

Vitamin deficiencies can be very problematic and bruises are just one of many physical ramifications of the lack of healthy nutrients. Ensuring that you have enough of the following vitamins can ensure that the problem lessens.

• B-12
• C
• K
• Folic acid

Creating a diet that is rich in B-12, C, K and folic acid is a great approach to ensuring that bruising does not occur as frequents as it may when these elements are lacking in an eating plan. Some vitamins are difficult to get in foods, so many make sure that they get enough by using vitamin supplements.

In addition, the vitamins may be present in topical treatments. Vitamin K is a prime choice for treating bruises that are already present.

Vitamin K for Bruising

Vitamin K is a popular choice simply because it is effective both as preventative medicine and as a treatment for bruising. The supplement is commonly used by plastic surgeons who want to limit post-operative bruising in their patients. The vitamin may also be used topically in order to help bruises to fade away quickly.

Taken orally, the vitamin is effective in strengthening the walls of the blood vessels. Stronger walls are less likely to become injured, and they are less likely to leak blood under the surface of the skin.

Used topically, the heavy doses of vitamin K in creams are available through prescription. Vitamin K Clarifying Cream is a popular choice that offers promising results. Discussing the option with your physician is a great first step in exploring this vitamin treatment for bruising.

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