Using Aloe Vera for Gums and Teeth

Using aloe vera for gums and teeth may not seem like a viable option, but a recent study suggests that this approach may benefit some people. Aloe vera tooth gels are gaining popularity for their apparent effectiveness. There is good reason for the interest in using the natural teeth-cleaning agent over some toothpaste for some individuals.

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About Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a naturally soothing plant that has healing properties. The extract from the plant has been used for many different skin conditions. In addition, aloe has been used internally to treat digestive conditions. The plant extract isn’t necessarily appropriate for everyone, especially people who have allergies.

The plant may be so effective because it is very similar in composition to human cells. The similarities make the natural remedy ideal because it is able to sink deeply beneath the tissue surface. Aloe can be effective on gums because it can heal gum tissue that rests deeply under the surface.

How Can Aloe Help Teeth and Gums?

The pressing question is how aloe can help teeth and gums. Aloe contains natural chemical compounds called anthraquinones that are natural anti-inflammatory agents. These healing agents can be effective in preventing bacteria from forming on teeth and gums, and the approach appears to be as effective, if not more effective, as using traditional toothpaste.

The aloe may be better for some people because:

• It contains no harsh chemicals
• There are no abrasive elements that can damage tooth enamel
• Treats teeth delicately
• No artificial ingredients
• Anti-inflammatory agents
• Healing properties

Aloe is great for people who have sensitive teeth or delicate gums. The approach helps to remove bacteria from the mouth while offering anti-inflammatory agents not present in most traditional toothpaste products.

Anti-Cavity Agent

Aloe vera is an effective anti-cavity agent because it kills cavity-causing organisms in the mouth. The natural antibacterial offers a way to get rid of damaging bacteria safely, naturally and effectively. It does this without introducing harsh chemicals into the mouth.

The disadvantage of using some commercial products is that they can contain elements that burn mouth tissue. At times, the drying effect of harsh products can lead to a bigger outbreak of bacteria in the future. Dry mouths tend to carry bad breath and more germs.

Aloe is naturally moist and it is not a drying agent. Users have the advantage of having fewer bacteria in a moist environment. This leads to naturally fresher breath.

Choosing an Aloe Tooth Gel

Selecting the right aloe tooth gel can be a little tricky because some manufacturers may destroy the effective enzymes in the aloe during processing. It is important to select a tooth gel that contains natural ingredients that preserve the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial elements in the aloe.

The process of selection begins with research, and a visit to your dentist is a fundamental element of the research process. Your dentist can offer guidance and insight into which products will work best for you.

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    Johan Says:

    @Erika – Yes Aloe vera gel can be directly used, as it contains natural agents and thus it is not required to be processed, so you can use it naturally.

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    Erika Says:

    Can aloe vera gelly be used on teeth direct from the plant or does it have to be a store bought product? Is it better pure or processed?

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