Top 10 Mysterious Diseases

Many of these diseases are as old as “the world”, while others are newer. Many of them may develop throughout your lifetime and we treat them as something natural, and others are extremely rare, some even fatal. Their strangeness comes from the fact that no one discovered their exact causes, or has not found an effective treatment yet, despite the efforts of specialists.

top mysterious diseases Top 10 Mysterious Diseases

10. Morgellons Disease

This mysterious disease develops the most unusual symptoms that remind you certain horror movies. Those affected by this disease have unusual skin rash that leaks strange liquid, and mysterious fibers are coming out from them. They are colored red, black or blue. In addition, the patient feel horrible sensations, that there are all kinds of creatures  moving under their skin.

Although it is an old disease, it was only named recently. Parts of the medical community say that the symptoms are, in fact, psychosis, while other doctors say that the symptoms are real.

9. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

This disease has unexplained clinical manifestations, whose diagnosis is given only after all the other possible choices are ruled out. Patients suffering from this syndrome will always feel very tired, and they end up being bound to their bed most of the time.

8. Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease

One of the alternative names for this central nervous system (CNS) disease is that of the “mad cow disease” and it can be contracted by eating infected beef meat. This disease is usually fatal, and the onset and its evolution are slow. The strangeness of this disease is the non-specific symptoms; according to doctors, the causative agent may be an accumulated abnormal prion protein in the brain.

7. Schizophrenia

Experts consider it one of the most puzzling mental disorders; it deprives the patients of logic and the ability to distinguish between reality and fantasy. Symptoms vary from patient to patient and manifested by delusions, hallucinations, incoherence in speech, lack of motivation or emotion. However, there is no specific test  to detect schizophrenia.

6. Auto-immune Disorders

It is a generic term, which describes horrifying conditions, such as “lupus”, a disease that affects various organs of the body. So far, researchers have not been able to find out which are the triggers for auto-immune diseases, including Crohn’s disease and hypothyroidism, but it was discovered that women are the most susceptible to them.

5. Pica

People diagnosed with “Pica” have an irresistible urge to eat things that are not food products such as soil, paper, glue or clay. Although it is considered that the disease is linked to the body lacking minerals, the experts have not yet discovered the exact cause, or the treatment for it.

4. Avian Influenza

Humans have no immunity to this flu virus carried by birds. Peculiarity is that, once in the human body, the virus mutates, and scientists fear that it could be transmitted from human to human. The mortality rate among people infected with avian influenza virus (H5N1) is 50% and, until now, most infections occurred through direct contact between man and bird carrying the virus.

3. Ordinary Flu

Annually in the United States, there are billions recorded cases of flu. However, doctors still have insufficient data on influenza and its causes. The most often recommended remedy is the hot soup.

2. Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is a brain disorder that manifests itself differently from patient to patient. The exact cause is unknown, and it is not curable.


Even after 25 years after its first occurrence, there haven`t been yet discovered any cures for the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. Now, AIDS remains one of the most deadly diseases, especially in developing countries.

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