Top 10 Most Common Healthy Teas

These days, when you have a physical or emotional problem, you will most likely get advice to drink a certain type of tea. We are becoming more aware of the health benefits of tea as time goes by, and we are finding that tea can solve a huge variety of issues. What are the 10 most common healthy teas?

top 10 Most Common Healthy Teas Top 10 Most Common Healthy Teas

Different Types of Tea

There are many different types of teas. First, there is where the tea originates from. The common areas are China and India, but there are also Hybrid teas, which could come from multiple areas.

You must also consider the type of tea that is available. There are four main types – White tea, Black tea, Oolong tea, and Green tea. The type of the tea has more to do with how the tea is processed than anything else. In fact, the same ingredients can be used to produce different types of teas in many cases.

The Ten Best Teas

  1. Silver Needle Tea – This tea has the most reported medically beneficial properties associated with it.
  2. Citron Green Tea – This is a special type of green tea that has many health benefits associated with it, but reportedly doesn’t taste very good.
  3. Jasmine Tea – This tea is loaded with antioxidants, and reportedly is beneficial in helping with weight loss.
  4. Mascala Chai – This is an Indian spiced tea that most people love. It is considered to be a great alternative to coffee.
  5. Raspberry Tea – This delicious tea is believed to improve the function of the female reproductive system.
  6. Lemon Tea – Lemon tea is very common, and it is great for easing sore throats.
  7. Barley Tea – This type of tea provides many of the nutrients that you need each day, helps to control blood sugar levels and cholesterol, and can help protect against certain cancers.
  8. Chamomile Tea – This tea has a sedative effect, and should be consumed during periods of stress or trouble to calm the mind.
  9. Dill Tea – This type of tea is mostly used to ease upset stomach or other digestive ailments.
  10. Fennel Tea – Fennel tea is excellent for weight loss, but also reportedly helps to improve the vision.

Should Tea be hot or cold?

Some teas are best served hot, and some are best served cold. In some cases, the temperature of the tea also plays a role in how healthy the tea is. While cold tea is great on a hot summer day, if you are drinking tea for health purposes, you should choose hot or warm tea over cold tea.

This does not mean that cold tea is bad for you, or that there is no health benefits associated with tea that is served cold. What it means is that the human body usually responds better to heat than it does to cold.

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