Top 10 Disadvantages of Breastfeeding

When you become pregnant, you will start preparing for the arrival of your baby. You will choose an obstetrician and a pediatrician. You will decide whether you will use cloth diapers or disposable diapers. You will also have to decide whether you will be bottle feeding or breastfeeding.

top 10 disadvantages of breastfeeding Top 10 Disadvantages of Breastfeeding

Who Ever Thought That There Might Be Disadvantages to Breastfeeding?

Usually, when we hear about breastfeeding, we only hear the good things about it – how beneficial it is to the baby, how special it is for the baby and the mother, and more. Who ever thought that there might be disadvantages to breastfeeding? There are definite disadvantages, but those disadvantages are usually downplayed in an effort to get more women to breastfeed their babies.

The Top Ten Disadvantages of Breastfeeding Your Baby

1. There can be discomfort involved with breastfeeding. When you first start breastfeeding, you may experience sore nipples. For the entirety of your breastfeeding endeavors, your breasts may feel swollen or engorged.

2. You may leak milk at times that are inconvenient or embarrassing. When the baby cries, you almost immediately start producing milk. If you aren’t prepared for this properly, it can be inconvenient or embarrassing.

3. Feeding your baby in public may be more difficult. While public acceptance of breastfeeding is improving, there are still some situations where you need to cover yourself while breastfeeding – despite how hot it is outdoors.

4. Everything you consume is being passed on to your baby. Any food you eat, medication you use, or anything that you are applying to your skin can and most likely will be passed onto your baby through breastfeeding.

5. You need special clothing and bras for breastfeeding. Nursing bras are expensive, and you will also need shirts that button up the front in most cases. While these bras are more comfortable these days, they don’t offer the greatest comfort in the world.

6. Your baby will start sprouting teeth at some point. This can be very painful. Prepare to be bitten when your baby starts cutting teeth. If you look at the nipple on a baby bottle, after a teething baby has used it, you can see that he or she has been essentially rubbing their gums – with those sharp little stubs of teeth – on the nipple.

7. The shape and appearance of your breasts can change. While this doesn’t happen to all women, most women report that their nipples become larger and change colors, and some women experience sagging breasts earlier when they breastfeed their babies.

8. The father may feel excluded. This is usually remedied by pumping the milk and placing it in a bottle so that the father can feed the child, but without this effort, the father could very well feel excluded and may fail to properly bond with the baby.

9. The ability to produce, pump and store enough milk can be a problem. If your child goes to the babysitter or daycare, you will need to pump and store enough breast milk in advance. If you don’t produce enough milk to store milk, and to keep the baby fed, this can be a big issue.

10. You can’t measure how much milk your baby is consuming. Some babies need more milk than others, while some need less. Unless you are pumping the milk and measuring it with a bottle, you won’t have any real measure of how much milk your baby is consuming.

Considering the Advantages and Disadvantages of Breastfeeding

When you consider the disadvantages of breastfeeding, you must also consider the advantages. The advantages include good nutrition for your baby and a healthier baby. There are also health benefits for you, as your uterus will go back to its normal size faster, you will get your baby weight off faster, and you will reduce your risk of breast cancer and ovarian cancer.

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  1. 25
    Gee Says:

    These aren’t disadvantages! Breastfeeding is the most natural, loving, and healthy think a mom can do for her new baby. The dad feeling left out? That’s an issue he needs to take up with a strink. Soreness in the beginning, only for a short while. Teeth, not til they’re over 4 months and you can teach them not to bite. Leakage, they make leakage pads for that. Can’t measure the milk? You will quickly know if your baby’s getting enough to eat. People offended on public breast feeding? Then don’t bloody watch!! Baby has a right to eat too.
    Sounds like this article was written by a boobie jaded man.

  2. 24
    Tyra Says:

    Alexi M is nothing but a vile mouthed chav! I feel sorry for her child she needs to get a grip and stop being so abusive!! If you were so pathetic and weak and allowed yourself to feel pressured into breastfeeding then you have noone but yourself to blame!! When you resort to swearing and ranting it just demonstrates what limited intelligence you have. It is not the fault of breastfeeding mums that your breastmilk neally killed your child!! It is obviouse you need help to deal with the guilt you feel I suggest for the sake of your child you seek it rather then ranting like a crazed banashee on the internet!!!

  3. 23
    pauli Says:

    I think you “Alexi ” took this article and comment too personal…i breastfeed and it doesnt mean that my baby is better than others. or if i am a better mother cuz i breastfeed. it is just a choice.. im sorry for what happened to your baby… i didnt choose to breastfeed my baby.. i made her make a choice.. i offer a blottle and the breast.. and the formula gives her a stomach ache so she loves to be breastfeeded…

  4. 22
    jenny Says:

    i exclusively breastfed my baby and truly its hard WHEN we’re out of the house. i did not wear anything special while nursing. my child is now 13 months and i continue to breastfed. i want to wean her cause she’s getting bigger. its our choice whatever milk we give our babies but based on my experience, my baby is very healthy. for 13 months, she didnt get sick not even fever from vaccination compared to other babies her age that always have colds and being hospitalized.. i don’t mind these disadvantages.i save money and less worries. breastmilk really works for my baby.

  5. 21
    alexi M Says:

    This article is just stating somethings believe it or not have happened to other mothers not everyone has a good breastfeeding experience you know and and its not right for some of you to sit their on you high horses acting like better mothers because you give your child your breasts It takes more to be a good mother than your F*ing breastmilk
    Oh some of you people are idiots maybe you lot shouldn’t be mothers either spouting your horrible vicious mouths at people who cant or dont choose breastfeed THEIR children you think breastfeeding is going to help your childen become better people do you? they certainly are not learning to be caring, humble, respectfull, civilized people from you are they? mini you’s God help this world!
    you people raise your own kids your way and let others raise theirs their way you have no right to judge a person for not feeding their child breastmilk what is wrong with you people!?
    by the way my child was allergic to breastmilk and his throat almost swelled shut and almost died! wouldnt of happened if I didnt feel pressured into breastfeeding so think before you judge and make mothers feel guilty for having a mind of their own and not breastfeeding.

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