The Top Ten Healthiest Vegetables

There is no doubt that adding vegetables to your diet at any stage of life can improve your health. Often, people being treated for diseases such as cancer are advised to increase their intake of vegetables to help give their bodies the boost it needs. Here is a list of ten vegetables that are great choices to add to your diet that will improve your health.

1/ Collard Greens
Widely consumed in the Southern US for many years, this leafy green vegetable packs a lot of nutrient value. Collard Greens have high levels of calcium, Vitamin E, and beta-carotene. In addition to these nutrients, it also boasts high selenium content. Collard greens can be had throughout the year but most consider them to be best between January to April.

collard2 The Top Ten Healthiest Vegetables

2/ Sweet Potatoes
The anti-oxidant properties of sweet potatoes can help to rid the body of free radicals linked to many chronic illnesses including diabetes and colon cancer. They are also thought to be able to lessen the effects of asthma and arthritis due to their anti-inflammatory tendencies. Sweet potatoes are also a good source of iron, calcium and fiber, and best of all they can be used in a number of recipes.

sweet potato The Top Ten Healthiest Vegetables

3/ Broccoli
Like so many vegetables out there, this one is also great protecting your body from the ravishes of cancer. They are attractive enough to enhance any dish but their uses go far beyond aesthetics. With high folic acid levels, it is useful in preventing birth defects. In addition it is great for getting enough calcium and vitamin C in your diet.

broccoli The Top Ten Healthiest Vegetables

4/ Onions
This unassuming bulb actually offers more health benefits than you may think. They help to lower blood sugar levels in addition to promoting good cardiovascular health. It has been proven that adding onions to your diet can reduce your risk of developing certain cancers and contribute to gastrointestinal health.

onions The Top Ten Healthiest Vegetables

5/ Carrots
Ask anyone to name a vegetable, and most of them will say ‘carrot’ right off the bat. There’s a reason why this vegetable is so popular. Apart from being one of the most commonly used, it is the best source of the pro-vitamin A carotenes. They are also known to help strengthen the vision, in particular night vision. Carrots can also be used to regulate blood sugar levels and are good for the health of the colon.

carrot The Top Ten Healthiest Vegetables

6/ Spinach
While most people make a face at the thought of eating this vegetable, but spinach actually protects us from a number of illnesses like arthritis, heart disease and osteoporosis. Studies have shown that spinach contains a minimum of 13 flavonoid compounds. Serious illnesses like ovarian and prostate cancer can also be helped by consumption of spinach.

spinach The Top Ten Healthiest Vegetables

7/ Kale
This vegetable has a multitude of benefits for the body. Like every other vegetable it contains important vitamins, but has more dietary value per calorie than most vegetables. Kale is known for its detoxing ability, as well as its proven capacity for reducing the risk of cancer, especially of the ovaries. Consuming adequate amounts of this vegetable can also help to keep lungs healthy. Maybe the best thing about kale is that it can easily be grown in home gardens.

kale The Top Ten Healthiest Vegetables

8/ Eggplant
Studies have indicated that eggplant may have a protective effect on the brain. The fact that they are low in calories makes it a popular food among dieters and health conscious individuals. This vegetable has high levels of copper, potassium and fiber. Eggplants positive effect on cardiovascular health is well documented.

eggplant The Top Ten Healthiest Vegetables

9/ Cucumbers
Widely acknowledged for its soothing effect on the skin, cucumber is popular not only for eating but skincare products. It has a positive overall effect on the body, including the ligaments, bones and muscles, and is also essential for a healthy complexion due to its hydrating properties. Cucumbers are able to help lower blood pressure if consumed in sufficient quantities.

cucumber The Top Ten Healthiest Vegetables

10/ Asparagus
Aside from promoting healthy skin, asparagus also contains fiber and vitamin B6. It is a good food for pregnant women to consume due its high levels of folate, which also promotes heart health. Another advantage is that it is low in sodium, but contains potassium, and helps to maintain a healthy large intestine.

asparagus The Top Ten Healthiest Vegetables

As outlined, it is difficult to put one vegetable ahead of another because of the similarities in nutritional content. Most would agree however that to improve or to maintain health, these vegetables should be consumed regularly as a part of a healthy diet. If you’re not a huge fane of vegetables, health conscious adults enjoy the wide variety of MonaVie antioxidants

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10 Responses to “The Top Ten Healthiest Vegetables”

  1. 10
    Maria Says:

    Where’s the OKRA? I eat it everyday, even if I don’t get my requirement of veggies. It’s so good, and relieves constipation. It’s both a soluable fiber and insoluable fiber.

    serving size: 1 cup raw, chopped
    (about 6 spears)
    calories: 31
    fat: 0 g
    carbs: 7 g
    protein: 2 g
    fiber: 3 g
    Vitamin K: 66% RDA
    Vitamin C: 35% RDA
    folate: 22% RDA
    thiamin: 13% RDA
    manganese: 50% RDA
    magnesium: 14% RDA

    Okra – beta carotene, lutein, zeaxanthin

    Low in calories and an amazing source per calorie of Vitamin K, fiber and Manganese. Okra is a stellar veggie that you have got to learn to love.

  2. 9
    Brad L'lee Says:

    Stupid story. #1 – all of the veggies listed taste like crap, except the carrots. Them are good. Where is the corn? Where is the sugar cane? Where is the Cannabis? those is the good plants. If you’re gonna eat a plant, at least eat one that will get you high – eating a nice big sticky weed bud is almost as good as smoking a dried one, and it has good fiber (to make the pooop go ) to boot. Hope that helps

  3. 8
    dilawar arora Says:

    Very nice information with beautiful photos of the vegetables, However lot of more vegetables are need to be added.
    Dilawar Arora
    Mumbai – India

  4. 7
    murthy Says:

    I read the message of consuming Eggplant.nice to read the same.But our’s is monsoon type of climate in the country.being a pure vegetarian is it good for health in all the climate? If so i will start taking this even if it is summer.

  5. 6
    Monis Abdul Majid Says:

    This list is incomplete without radishes…….

  6. 5
    Terri Says:

    Great information and beautiful photos of the vegetables!

  7. 4
    tauranga Says:

    what about all the rantings on the internet about gojo berries? how do they rate?

  8. 3
    samira saleh Says:

    i have actually tried some of the mentioned vegetables and have experienced their benefits especially onion carrots and dark leafy vegetables .unfortunately some of these vegetables are not available in the place where i live .thanks for reminding people of the importance of such kind of foods

  9. 2
    Maddy Says:

    Very interesting, I’m actually writing an article about some really healthy veges. (:

  10. 1
    robert Says:

    very interesting photo’s and good data.
    A good reminder :)
    Robert- Belgium -Europe

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