The Mediterranean Diet Pyramid

The Mediterranean diet is known to be one of the healthiest around so there is good reason to have a food pyramid based on it. The Mediterranean Diet Pyramid, like the Healthy Eating Food Pyramid has at its base physical activity. This food pyramid has undergone some changes and the new, improved version will become available in 2009. The second largest portion of this 10-tiered food pyramid is the starches; here there are staples such as grains, pasta, bread and potatoes. The third level groups all plant-based food, vegetables, fruits and protein from plants such as peas and legumes, unlike other food pyramids. This is followed by olive oil, which is an important ingredient in Mediterranean cuisine. Diary products such as cheese and yogurt round out the food sources that should be consumed daily. The next four levels are recommended for weekly rather than daily consumption. These are fish, poultry, eggs and sweets in order of significance. The tip of the pyramid has red meat and recommends that it be had just once per month. Also included is wine in moderation. The daily beverage of choice according to the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid is water. The diet suggests that at least six glasses of water be had on a daily basis. Like most of the diet pyramids there is also a Mediterranean Diet Pyramid for children.

the mediterranean diet pyramid The Mediterranean Diet Pyramid

The new Mediterranean Diet Pyramid has been reduced from 10 tiers to five. Exercise remains as the first item on the base. It incorporates starches, plant-based foods such as fruits and vegetables, olive oil and herbs and spices into the second level on the pyramid. It also recommends that fish and seafood should be consumed at least twice per week. Next on the pyramid is poultry, eggs and diary products (cheese and yogurt). Red meat and sweets are at the small tip and the recommendation is that they should be consumed sparingly.

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    Mediterranean Diet Blog Says:

    The Mediterranean diet is not only a weight loss and maintenance diet, it’s also one of the healthiest ways of eating in the world. It’s better to use the term: “Mediterranean cuisine” as it is the traditional eating lifestyle of the Mediterranean people.

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