The Cause of Eyebrow Hair Loss

It is not a much discussed problem but it exists nonetheless, eyebrow loss. Eyebrow loss is no respecter of age or gender as anyone of any age can be affected. Statistics indicate that over 3 million persons in the USA lose their eyebrows every year.

eyebrows hair loss The Cause of Eyebrow Hair Loss

Since the eyebrows are such a prominent part of the face, they contribute to facial beauty. Losing eyebrows can be a very traumatic experience for many persons regardless of sex or age.

Causes of Eyebrow Loss

Some of the most common causes of eyebrow loss include the following:

  • Plucking: many women and some men like to shape their eyebrows to keep them looking neat. Unfortunately some persons overdo the plucking and end up losing their eyebrows.
  • Alopecia areata: This condition does not just affect the hair on the head. Alopecia, that unknown cause of hair loss also affects eyebrows as well. What happens is that hair follicles in the brows are seen as germs and the immune system effectively fights against infection.
  • Trauma: Damage to the eye bridge where eyebrows grow can impact the growth of hair and actually lead to hair loss.
  • Illnesses: A number of illnesses or their treatments can contribute to the loss or thinning of eyebrow hair. Some conditions that cause loss or no growing of eyebrow hair such as conditions that case hormonal imbalance.
  • Growths: Sometimes unusual growths or warts on the eyebrows will prevent the hair from growing in the affected area.
  • Chemotherapy for the treatment of cancers. Chemo is known to cause eyebrow loss in patients battling cancer. This hair loss is not just on the head but all over the body including the eyebrows.
  • Congenital condition: Some persons are actually born with conditions which cause them to lose eyebrows or not grow eyebrows at all.

Can Eyebrow Loss be Prevented?

Some causes of eyebrow loss can be prevented, while others cannot be. Loss due to over plucking can be corrected by allowing the eyebrow to grow back and by minimizing the frequency of plucking.

Unlike some other types of hair loss, there are not many treatment options for eyebrow loss. For those who really want to have eyebrows they can consider hair transplant as an option. This procedure is minimally invasive and works for most persons.

Natural Treatment for Eyebrow Loss

There are a number of natural treatments for eyebrow loss. If one doesn’t work for you, don’t give up, just try another. Chances are you will eventually find one that helps. Some natural treatments that may help re-grow eyebrows are:

  • Cover the eyebrow with warm castor oil and leave on overnight. It is a well known fact that castor oil helps hair growth. Other oils such as coconut and olive can also be used.
  • Squeeze some onion to get the juice, and then apply the juice to the eyebrows to encourage new eyebrow growth.
  • Stop plucking the eyebrows for a while to allow the follicles to strengthen and re-grow hair.

For women especially, a short tem solution is to use eyebrow brushes and color to thicken and give the elusion of fuller eyebrows.

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