Shingles and Stomach Cramps

If you have stomach cramps and shingles, you may wonder how the two are connected, or if they are connected at all. The first thing you need to do is to understand what each condition actually is, what causes it, and what the symptoms are.

shingles and stomach cramps Shingles and Stomach Cramps

What Are Shingles?

Let’s first take a look at shingles. Shingles is actually a viral infection, with a resulting rash. The rash can be quite painful, and the rash typically only appears on one side of the body. You may experience burning, tingling, or numbness at the sight of the rash, and you will most likely feel pain before the rash appears – often several days before the rash appears.

When the rash does appear, it will have fluid filled blisters on it, and there will be a great deal of itching. Additionally, you may run fever, feel achy all over, feel fatigued, and have a headache as well.

What Are Stomach Cramps

Stomach cramps are actual cramps in the abdominal muscles. These cramps can be caused by a wide range of conditions or problems, including torn or sore muscles, stomach flu, menstruation, diarrhea, constipation, and food poisoning. These are just a few of the causes of stomach cramps, there are literally hundreds of more causes, but shingles is not one of those causes. If you are experiencing stomach cramps, you can rule out shingles right away, as your doctor will tell you – even if you have shingles as well.

Are Shingles and Stomach Cramps Related?

While the rash associated with shingles most commonly wraps around the torso, from the spine to the breast bone on one side of the body, the rash can move lower, and due to the pain involved, you may feel like you are having stomach cramps, when in fact you are not.

The fact is that stomach cramps and shingles have absolutely nothing to do with each other. Shingles do not cause stomach cramps, and stomach cramps do not cause shingles. If you have shingles, and you are also experiencing stomach cramps, you need to work with your doctor to determine whether what you are feeling actually is stomach cramps, or if it is just pain from the shingles that you are experiencing. If you are experiencing stomach cramps, you and your doctor will need to determine the cause of those cramps so that you can be treated for that condition as well.

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