Sex During Menstruation

Some women don’t even want to hear about sex during their delicate days, usually because of the great pain they suffer. But others… can be really unstoppable. After all, it seems there’s nothing to be afraid of anyway.

sex sells Sex During Menstruation

Every month, the woman must hide in a special shelter to get past the “difficult period” and only after it ends she can return to her regular duties. At least one billion people in the world, if not more, believe this. But like most things related to sexuality, intercourse during menstruation is a personal decision. Hormonal confusion can give different answers for each woman.

Beyond shyness

The biggest barrier to sex during menstruation is the embarrassment and, of course, the hygiene. People usually perceive their  body secretions as repugnant, despite the fact that they aren’t at all “dirty” as one might tend to believe. Urine, saliva, blood or sperm are not problematic themselves, but they can create the perfect environment for bacterial growth. Many women reach orgasm during menstruation even easier because of the vaginal extra moisture, which increases the sensitivity.

The best idea of having sex during menstruation is in the shower, although significantly restricted range of positions you can adopt might not delight you . The idea is that the water washes everything immediately, so you don’t have to worry about bleeding.

If you don’t use a condom and especially if he ejaculates inside you, both of you should be prepared for a really … colorful sight. Some people support it quite easily and can also be really funny, but others barely retain the feeling of their stomach turning upside down. After all, everybody knows that men are more sensitive to blood.

The risks of Sex During Menstruation

There is also the possibility of getting pregnant. The menstrual cycle is a complex process involving various modifications. For example, unexpected events can occur such as blocking an egg which can be fertilized this way. It’s probability is small chance for this thing to happen, but it’s not excluded, so act with caution and do not forget contraception!

Unprotected or inadequately protected intercourse is a risk, any time, both during menstruation and the rest of the menstrual cycle. You’re at risk of unwanted pregnancy and the sexual transmission of an infection. Only the probability of the occurrence of such unpleasant situations is different.

When it comes to the transmission of sexual infections, the likelihood of transmission is higher during menstruation because, if an infection whose sexual pathogen is spread by contact, body fluids (blood, secretions), to the pathogen concentration in secretions can also be added the pathogen concentration in menstrual blood. An infection is transmitted easier when the pathogen concentration is higher. So all entitles you to protect yourself – use a condom.

Myth buster

Menstrual pain during the bleeding can’t be relieved through sex. It’s true that there is a coincidence – the pain, which are strong before the start of menstruation, tend to attenuate the bleeding immediately after starting. If the intercourse takes place during a menstrual bleeding, it can create a false impression that sex reduces pain. But alleviate pain doesn’t happen because of sex, the pain will ease with or without any sexual act whatsoever.

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