Retin-A for Age Spots

Finding ways to remove age spots naturally is an activity that has been practiced for generations. The New York Times article Study Finds Cream Clears Age Spots offers insight into a promising treatment for age spots that can yield excellent results naturally.

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Retin-A is a product that was initially created to help remove dirt and buildup in pores as a treatment for acne. As the product came into regular use, it was quickly recognized as a powerful anti-aging element that can help reduce the look of fin lines and age spots on the surface of the skin. The product offers impressive results.

The product works by encouraging the cells to rejuvenate, metabolizing in a way that is not completely comprehended, even by its creator. Doctor Albert Klingman is a University of Pennsylvania professor who developed the formula. While this product is a formula created in a lab, it is still on the fringe of natural remedies considering its composition.

Retin-A is a prescription medication that is used topically for its anti-aging effects. The product works by removing the dead cells on the top layer of skin. The process removes age spots along with the dead skin cells. In addition, it serves to prevent new age spots before they can form.

Many use Retin-A combined with other treatments, including glycolic acid or bleaching creams. The strength of the cream varies according to the individual, so it is necessary to seek guidance from a dermatologist who can write an appropriate prescription. The recommendation is to put the product directly on the age spot, allowing the top layers to peel away.

Side Effects

Retin-A does have some side effects to consider. The glaring problem with this approach is that it can leave sensitive skin exposed to the elements, which can have negative ramifications after time. Skin may become dry and easily irritated, and sun exposure for skin treated with Retin-A can be detrimental.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is unique in that it is the only vitamin that can erase age spots. Retin-A is the ideal topical treatment because it applies this nutrient directly to the affected area. It is effective in treating wrinkles and other age-related skin problems as well. However, there are other excellent approaches to consider, too.

Prevent Age Spots

It may be surprising that natural solutions of age spots include prescription medication. Other approaches can be effective, without requiring a trip to the dermatologist. Preventative measures can work wonders for the problem as well, and with no side effects.

The first thing to consider is the very source of the problem: the sun. Sun exposure is the primary problem that leads to skin damage that causes discoloration. You can do the following to prevent the damage from happening in the first place:

• Keep sun exposure to a minimum
• Use sunscreen
• Keep skin moisturized
• Wash after handling psoralens

Psoralens are chemicals that can make certain people more sensitive to sun exposure. Foods to avoid if you are have a sensitivity to psoralens include:

• Celery
• Carrots
• Limes
• Parsnips

If you handle these foods, make sure to wash your hands well before going out into sunlight. The psoralens make everyone who handles them more at risk for sun damage.

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