Psychological Well Being Scales

Most of us know what well-being is. It is how we feel about ourselves and our lives in terms of happiness, wellness, and prosperity. Most of us have our own yardstick for measuring our level of well being, but most do not realize that there are actually psychological well being scales that we can use as well.

psychological well being scales Psychological Well Being Scales

The Ryff Psychological Well Being Scales

Carol Ryff, PhD., developed a system for measuring a persons well being. The test covers six areas of a person’s life, and there are different versions of the test. The most comprehensive scale test has 84 questions. A shorter version has just 54 questions, while a third version has just a few questions. It is believed that the 84 questions scale test gives us the most accurate picture of our individual well being.

Areas Measured by the Ryff Psychological Well Being Scales

Autonomy, Environmental Mastery, Personal Growth, Positive Relations with Others, Purpose in Life, and Self Acceptance are the six areas covered by the Ryff Psychological Well Being Scales Test. Autonomy basically tests your ability to do what you think is right for you, despite what others may think. With Environmental Mastery, the scale measures whether you feel that you are in charge of your environment or not.

Personal growth measures your willingness and opportunity to grow as an individual with new experiences and more education. The Positive Relations with Others evaluates your relationships with other people, and how they add to your own personal sense of well being. Naturally, the Purpose of Life scale measures how your goals play a role in your well being – if you have goals and the Self Acceptance area covers whether or not you have self confidence and accept yourself exactly as you are.

Other Psychological Well Being Scales

While the Ryff Psychological Well Being Scales are quite popular, there are other psychological well being scales that can be used as well. The oldest scale of this type is the AGWBI, or adapted General Well Being Index, which is also known as the GWBI, which stands for General Well Being Index.

Regardless of the name of the test that puts your well being on a scale, you should note that each test is different, and there are debates as to whether or not the results are actually accurate. With that said, however, if you want to take this type of test to see where your personal well being falls on a scale, make sure that you are taking one of the better known, and more widely accepted tests, as these will be the most accurate.

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