Printable Food Pyramid

There are so many food pyramids, that there must be one that works for you. This one is simple and easy to use and stick to. The four-level pyramid is similar to most,

level 1 – The energy foods belonging to the carbohydrate food group are listed here. Six to eleven servings of carbohydrates is recommended daily.

level 2 – Here, are two food groups, fruits and vegetables. Vegetables has a larger share, with 3 to 5 daily servings, while only 2 to 4 servings of fruits is recommended for daily consumption.

level 3 – Foods from the protein food group occupy level three. Here 2 to 3 servings of protein, which includes meat, milk, eggs and nuts are the ideal serving amounts daily.

level 4 - Lastly, level four contains fats, oils and sweets. Serving sizes on this level, which is the tip of the pyramid, are small. The recommended daily consumption should be from none to about 3 servings each day.

printable food pyramid Printable Food Pyramid

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    taylor Says:

    hey… what nutrients can we get from the food pyramid all the nutrients pls.. give me all the list b-coz i will attend a contest, nuri quiz…

  2. 3
    admin Says:

    Hi Julie,
    As long as you make reference to methods of healing, our food pyramid is free to use.

  3. 2
    Julie Says:

    Can your food pyramids be purchased or can a I copy? julie

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    Asian Diet Pyramid Says:

    [...] Also get your own copy of the standard printable food pyramid. [...]

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