Pads vs. Tampons

Whether you are getting your first menstrual period, or you’ve been having your period for several years, at some point, you will have to choose between using tampons or pads, and using both. Most young girls start out with pads, although more and more are using tampons because tampons come in a variety of sizes, including small tampons. Many people never use tampons because of what they have heard concerning the dangers of tampons.

pads vs tampons Pads vs. Tampons

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Pads

Some people regard pads as safer than tampons, and easier to use. You also will not risk toxic shock syndrome or losing the tampon in the vagina when you use pads alone. Unfortunately, this is where the advantages end.

There are many disadvantages to using pads. Some women feel like they are wearing a diaper, and pads make it impossible to wear some clothes. Pads also cannot be worn when swimming. Some people experience odor from the use of pads as well, but this is usually because the pad is not being changed often enough.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Tampons

When you consider using tampons, the first thing that you must consider is all of the myths surrounding them. It isn’t true that they contain asbestos. The Rayon used in tampons isn’t dangerous. Tampons do not cause female reproductive problems.

It is true, however, that tampons can cause Toxic Shock Syndrome. This usually happens when a woman is using a greater absorbency tampon than actually needed, which is why choosing the right absorbency is vital, but it is also important to realize that TSS is very rare from tampon use. It is true that tampons can get “lost” in the vagina, and they must be removed – sometimes by a doctor. This happens when the string breaks in most cases.

Pads vs. Tampons – It’s a Personal Preference

In the end, the choice between pads and tampons is a personal preference. Some people feel that tampons are not as messy as pads. Some people feel that they are more comfortable with pads, and today, pads are extremely absorbent while being very thin.

You must make the choice, and the only way to know which you prefer is to give each an equal trial. Use pads for half of your period, and tampons for the other half, and determine which one makes you feel the most comfortable and the most secure, and you will have your answer.

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