No Pus? Bleeding Pimples?

You pop a pimple and nothing but blood comes out. Is this normal? Shouldn’t there be some level of pus? What about a white head or a black head? Furthermore, the bleeding seems to go on and on, with no end in sight. No pus? Bleeding Pimples? What is going on?

No Pus Bleeding Pimples No Pus? Bleeding Pimples?

Do All Pimples Contain Pus and Blood?

Not all pimples contain both blood and pus. If the pimple is closer to the surface of the skin, it will contain pus, but no blood. However, if the pimple is deeper in the skin, it will contain pus and blood. In this instance – when a pimple contains blood and pus – there may be more blood than pus, which would give the appearance that there is actually no puss, even though there is. As you will find out, however, even if you cannot see it, the fluid that exists is not actually pus in some cases.

When There is More Blood than Pus

When a pimple is deeper, and there is blood when you pop it, this is called a papule. Because you’ve opened the skin deeper when you popped the pimple, it will usually bleed for a while. It seems that the deeper the pimple was, the more it will bleed.

You may also wonder if there is always a head of the pimple, such as a white head or a black head. A head is a rather waxy substance. There is not always a head present. Sometimes, no head forms – white or black – and instead, the pimple is just filled with what appears to be pus, or pus and blood.

When There is More Pus than Blood

Sometimes when you pop a pimple, there is nothing but pus, and no appearance of blood. This pimple is close to the surface of the skin, and is medically known as a pustule.  Furthermore, this isn’t actually pus. It is just fluid – sebum fluid to be exact.

Pus exists where infection exists, and this usually occurs with deeper pimples, as opposed to those that are closer to the surface of the skin. The more infection there is, the more actual pus there will be. The way to tell the difference between simple sebum fluid and puss is that sebum fluid is absolutely clear, while pus has a yellowish color to it. The color of pus can even lean towards and turn green as the infection progresses.

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