Negative Effects of Cocaine

Cocaine use is fast reaching epidemic proportions due to the intense feelings of euphoria it produces.  Use of cocaine causes a very intense but brief feeling of extreme alertness, energy, euphoria and sense of power and control. The drug is usually started with the intention of occasional recreational use and quickly becomes an addiction.  It can be used in many ways such as being smoked, injected, ingested or snorted but despite the manner in which the drug enters the body the effect is the same on the body just as the addiction process.

Negative Effects of Cocaine Negative Effects of Cocaine

Negative Effects of Cocaine on the Body

Physical effects of cocaine on the body are that the heart rate will increase, the blood pressure increases and respiratory rate increases. Serious negative effects such as heart attack, convulsions or stroke are possible. Other common effects such as increased anxiety, restlessness, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting, cold sweats and interruptions of sleep pattern can be expected.

Negative Effects of Cocaine include Addiction

Cocaine addiction which often begins as recreational use can have devastating effects on the user and their loved ones.  Despite knowing the harmful effects of the drug the addicted person will continue to seek out and use the drug.  The effects are felt quickly and are very short lived.  Because the pleasurable effects subside so quickly, the person will want more of the drug to reinforce the feelings.  The chances are great the once the drug is taken, they will want it more and more.  Soon, more of the drug is necessary to achieve the same effect.  As time continues there will be symptoms of withdrawal if the drug is not taken such as increased anxiety, irritability swings in mood, increased appetite and fatigue.  To relieve the symptoms the addict seeks the next high as their body physically and mentally becomes dependent on the drug.

Psychosocial Negative Effects of Cocaine

The use of this drug can lead to changes of personality and thought processes.  Once addicted the addict will do whatever they have to do to get the next high.  Because of the need to use the drug and the need  to hide  that they are using cocaine from their family, friends and loved ones the addict will often be dishonest with them about where they are and what they are doing. To hide the use of cocaine it is common for an addict to stop socializing with family and friends. Frequently the addict will do things they would never have done when not using cocaine such as lie and steal to finance their drug use. They will often lie to loved ones in an effort to be alone to get their next fix of the drug.  As the use and amounts needed to obtain the same results increase so does the amounts of money spent for the drug. The effect of cocaine use affects the user’s personal life including their relationships both personal and professional. Get more information on cocaine addiction treatment through

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