Natural Ways to Treat Eczema

Eczema is a troublesome condition typically associated with infancy. The skin problem is chronic, leading to dry, rough, red or scaly patches. The patches can be tough and itchy and at times, blisters, seepage and crusting may form. Eczema goes by other names including:

• Atopic eczema
• Infantile eczema
• Atopic dermatitis

Babies may develop eczema on the face, knees and elbows. Sometimes the breakouts appear in the creases of the elbows and behind the knees. The condition is less frequent in adults, and it tends to appear behind the knees or on the inner creases of the elbows. The itchy condition can be very uncomfortable, making natural remedies for eczema very desirable.

eczema Natural Ways to Treat Eczema

Eczema Treatments

Topical treatments for eczema can take the sting out of the irritated skin.

• Witch hazel is a very popular choice that many people have used for this condition. The topical treatment is a natural antiseptic that has anti-inflammatory properties.
• Licorice is not quite as popular as witch hazel but this topical treatment can soothe the irritated skin.
• Chamomile is well known for its soothing properties. This natural anti-inflammatory is a nice choice for a topical treatment for the skin condition.
• Aloe vera is a soothing ointment that penetrates the surface of the skin, reaching deep layers. Aloe is a popular choice for bites, stings and burns because of its healing properties.

Herbal remedies for eczema should be used with the guidance of a physician. In some cases, allergic reactions can occur. Some individuals may find the condition worsening when using herbal skin treatments.

Dietary Treatments for Eczema

Diet can play a role in eczema breakouts as well. Probiotics is emerging as a possible treatment for the skin disorder. Probiotics are microbial organisms (bacteria) that may be able to prevent harmful bacteria from spreading. The harmful bacteria can affect the immune system, possibly leading to skin conditions like eczema.

The good bacteria may be effective as anti-allergy agent. Taking a probiotic supplement can help but many like to eat yogurt to up the levels of the immune-boosting bacteria in the digestive tract.

Women who are pregnant with babies that are high risk for developing eczema may want to discuss protiotics with their physicians. Infants are at risk for developing the skin condition if allergies like hay fever and eczema exist in the family.

Infants and children that have eczema may or may not benefit from using probiotics. Parents who want to explore this option should discuss the approach with their children’s pediatrician. The use of probiotics is not appropriate for every individual.

Ways to Prevent Eczema Breakouts

Preventing breakouts is ideal for people who have the tendency to break out with eczema symptoms. Some of the following suggestions can help in some cases.

• Do not allow the skin to become too hot
• Avoid excess moisture
• Keep clothing away from skin that appears to be breaking out
• Wash clothes in fragrance-free detergent
• Avoid using fabric softener
• Use mild, perfume-free soap
• Rinse thoroughly after cleansing area

Some people may experience breakouts when they engage in certain activities or eat certain foods but none have been directly linked to the skin condition.

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    Thanks so much for this informative article on Eczema! Our family has completely changed because of our little boy’s Eczema and allergies. It has been a very looong road for us and most importantly for him. I am happy to hear that you are sharing the benefits of whole and healthy foods and especially probiotics. We have experienced an answer to prayer when we started our little guy on Vidazorb kids chewable probiotics! They are incredible and have truly helped our son so much. He now looks and feels so much better and we are all so happy!! Thanks again!

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