Loofah Scrub

A loofah scrub is an integral part of a visit to a day spa. The process involves exfoliating the skin with a gourd vegetable known as the loofah. The vegetable has the perfect texture for removing dead skin cells while promoting circulation in the process.

loofah scrub3 Loofah Scrub

The scrub also includes a mixture of oil and sea salt. The most popular oils used in the treatment are avocado and almond. Each element has a specific purpose in the spa therapy. The natural ingredients make this effective skin treatment very impressive and very popular.

Almond or avocado oils are effective in deeply moisturizing the skin while preventing loss of moisture during the cleansing procedure.
Sea salt is a polishing agent that provides the glowing effect that is so desirable.
Loofah materials remove dead skin cells effectively.

Loofah Plants

Loofah comes in a number of different forms. The products are appealing because they are organic, and quite effective. The plants are not fond of cold weather, making Florida a great place for the gourds to thrive. The plants traditionally grow in India.

The plants may be eaten, but the edible varieties are difficult to find in the United States. Chinese medicine uses powder from the gourds for some treatments. The most popular use for the plant is skincare. The plant is not technically a sponge, but many refer to the loofah scrub materials as sponges.

It is possible to grown your own loofah sponge, but the items are relatively inexpensive, making the task a matter of preference. Other considerations should be made if you intend to use the plant at home.

Health Concerns

Bacteria can grow quickly on a loofah sponge especially considering the bathroom environment. The warm moisture in the room is conducive to bacterial growth. Some people prefer to use the product as a dry exfoliate to avoid the bacteria problem. Those who use the loofahs in the shower or bath should make sure that they dry completely between uses.

Ground Loofah

Ground loofah can be used to exfoliate the skin safely at home. The ground material can be added to a facial scrub or it can be poured into a soap mold as an exfoliating ingredient. This is a nice alternative to using the entire sponge that may collect bacteria.

Loofah Scrub Recipes

A professional in a day spa environment may administer the loofah scrub but some consumers may want to use the scrub at home. The recipe for an effective scrub is relatively simple. Creating your own may be messy and time consuming but you do have the benefit of controlling the balance of ingredients.

If you have dry skin, adding more avocado or almond oil offers more moisture. Dull skin may benefit from a little more sea salt. Foot scrubs using loofah are very effective. Examples of recipes are available on Healthy New Age.

The benefits of using a loofah scrub include:

• Improved circulation
• Removal of dead cells
• Intense moisture
• Polished skin

There is little wonder why this approach is popular as a health and beauty treatment. The loofah scrub is ideal for spas and for the home.

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