Is Lifelong Use of Marijuana Really Unhealthy?

If you ask anyone who is in their fifties or sixties about the long term use of marijuana, and how it affects your health, you will likely get a multitude of answers from different people. There are some people who have used marijuana since their teenage years – back in the sixties and seventies – who are still using it today, without any apparent problems. Is lifelong use of marijuana really unhealthy?

Is Lifelong Use of Marijuana Really Unhealthy Is Lifelong Use of Marijuana Really Unhealthy?

The Effects of Low Usage of Marijuana

Whether lifelong use of marijuana is unhealthy really depends on how much marijuana is consumed each day, or even each week. There are many health problems associated with marijuana, and some experts suggest that the use of this drug raises the chances for cancer even higher than that of tobacco.

Other experts – and users of marijuana – state that use in low doses doesn’t harm you anymore than anything else that we consume on this earth. In fact, they claim that periodic low doses of marijuana raise self esteem and reduce stress.

The Effects of Extended Use of Larger Amounts of Marijuana

The problems and dangers of marijuana seem to come into play when it is consumed excessively for a long period of time. Unfortunately, as with most drugs, even if you are only using a little pot here and there, the addiction comes into play, and it isn’t long before a little pot isn’t enough to achieve the same effect anymore. This is when you start consuming more marijuana more often, and bad things start happening.

Long term excessive use of marijuana can cause memory loss, inability to focus and concentrate, and a loss of balance. At some point, a person may even develop psychological problems including hallucinations and paranoia. Coordination problems are common for these users as well, and damage to the heart, the blood vessels, and the lungs are becoming more common as well.

Why Marijuana Is Used Medically if it is Unhealthy

If such use of marijuana is unhealthy, why in the world would the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approve it for use medically? Typically, when marijuana is prescribed for medical reasons, it is prescribed to cancer patients, and only used to combat the nausea and vomiting that come from chemotherapy. As stated, low dose usage for a short period of time isn’t thought to be dangerous, and this is how it is prescribed, and supposed to be used, in this particular situation.

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2 Responses to “Is Lifelong Use of Marijuana Really Unhealthy?”

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    denbee Says:

    One of the arguements I hear against mj is… “Do we really need another mind altering in society? The answer is YES, we do. A safer choice. A choice that won’t kill us or our children. A choice that is much less addictive or mind dumbing. A choice that is much less violent inducing. Read on…

    “Our nation can acknowledge the dangers of cigarettes, alcohol and marijuana while still permitting their use. The only logically and morally consistent argument for marijuana prohibition necessitates the criminalization of all harmful recreational drugs, including alcohol, nicotine and caffeine. We can agree that such an infringement on personal freedoms is as impractical as it is un-American. The time has come to accept that our nation’s attitude toward marijuana has been misguided for generations and that the only rational approach to cannabis is to legalize, regulate and tax it.”
    Dr. Nathan, a psychiatrist in Princeton, N.J., is a clinical assistant professor at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.

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    denbee Says:

    I am 60 years old and I have been a friend of maryjane for over 40 years. She came home with me from Vietnam and at a time when we were dropped off into society with little more than a smile and good luck. She helped me find comfort in a very uncomfortable world. She helped heal my broken mind and see the peace I needed so badly. She help me laugh when there were no reasons to laugh, to cry when I needed to cry. To talk when I need to talk. She has been with me almost everyday since and I am a better person for it. I am employed with the same company for 38 years, married for 30 years, never been arrested, for 30 years I have ran 35 miles a week. I am a loving father and husband. I have never used cocaine, meth, or any other drug. Mj is not a gateway drug, does not cause violence and is only slightly addictive. I have gone months without mj at times and had no problems other than I missed her. America needs to put “reefer madness” in the trash and let it die. Alcohol may have been your drug of choice but to millions of other Americans it is not, cannabis is our choice. This scares the hell out of the alcohol industry. I would love to see the entire industry suffer greatly!

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