Injections for Arthritic Knee Pain

Injections for arthritic knee pain offer relief from troublesome discomfort many people with this condition face on a daily basis. Called viscosupplementation knee injections are administered in a series, requiring several visits for relief.

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This approach is far more appealing to many patients than knee replacement surgery, but the effects may not work for everyone. While cortisone is a common medication used to treat arthritis in the knee, other injection medications can help:

• Euflexxa is a natural form of hyaluronic acid, a substance that exists in the knee area. The substance, also called synovial fluid, lubricates the knee and protects it. When it is depleted, pain can occur.
• Nuflexxa is a Sodium Hyaluronate that can replenish the fluids in the knee area. This substance is not created using avian-derived hyaluronic acid.
• Hyalgan is an injected sodium hyaluronate that many patients use when they do not find relief from pain using physical therapy or painkillers.
• Orthovisc also restores knee fluids, promising up to six months of relief.
• Supartz is another form of joint fluid therapy that contains purified hyaluronan, also called hyaluronic acid.
• Synvisc is a joint therapy treatment that replenishes the fluid in the knee area.

How Injections Work

The injected medications are also referred to as hyaluronan, and they are given in a series in order to restore proper fluid levels in the knee area. This is a progressive treatment that requires more than one visit but after a few sessions, patients can expect relief for about six months. Most patients can expect relief after three sessions scheduled a week apart.

The fluid in the knee area is responsible for lubricating and protecting the joint. When the fluid is depleted, the cartilage and bones in the joint rub together causing discomfort. The injections also provide relief because they are anti-inflammatory agents, providing relief from this common problem in arthritic conditions as well.

Are Knee Joint Injections Effective?

Knee joint injections for knee arthritis may or may not be effective, depending on the individual. Clinical studies offer a wide range of results with some patients finding great pain relief lasting six months, while others find no relief from the pain at all.

Ideally, injections are used along with other medical interventions like physical therapy to help relieve painful arthritic symptoms in the knee. In addition, most patients with severe arthritis using this approach do so for roughly a year before having knee replacement surgery.

The approach is perfect for people who want temporary relief for arthritic knee pain. Many patients can benefit from using this approach if they are in need of surgery but want to wait before having the invasive surgical procedure.

It is important to note that most of the injection drugs contain avian elements, so anyone who is allergic to eggs should avoid using them. The injectable Nuflexxa does not use these ingredients. It is necessary to discuss this option with your doctor before using the approach if you have any allergies.

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    Cathy Says:

    Just recieved my first HA injection. My Dr uses an ultrasound when giving injections so there was very little discomfort because they can see where not to go. Will be curiuos to see how this injection helps my situation.

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    Degenerative Arthritis Says:

    i hated going to the doctor and getting injections in my knees, so i started taking a supplement with Bone Activating Proteins 4 wks later no pain no injections..

  3. 1
    Lizzy Says:

    I have tried the knee joint injections and it only provided me with temporarily relief, and I always wanted to get another one before the next one came. I am currently taking an oral supplement with glucosamine and chondroitin that also has bone activating proteins. They provide me more relief that is not just temporary.

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