How Toxic Are Energy Drinks?

Energy drinks have become a beverage staple around the world. Many adults use them for the energy kick, and unfortunately, many teenagers are also consuming energy drinks – for energy, and for what is essentially a legal buzz. How toxic are energy drinks for adults and teenagers?

how toxic are energy drinks How Toxic Are Energy Drinks?

What Makes Energy Drinks Toxic?

While there are not anymore toxins in energy drinks than any other beverage – aside from plain water – what makes energy drinks toxic is the caffeine in them. For some people, the amount of caffeine in just one energy drink is toxic to their system, while for others, the consumption of two or more energy drinks during a certain period of time can lead to toxicity.

Because everyone is affected differently by different amounts of caffeine, each individual must be careful concerning the amount of energy drinks that they consume so that this toxicity does not occur.

Toxic Results from Energy Drinks Mixed With Alcohol

Energy drinks become even more toxic, and even deadly when they are mixed with alcohol. Alcohol has it’s own level of toxicity, and when mixed with caffeine, in an attempt to counteract the effects of the alcohol, bad things can happen within the body. Many deaths have been associated with mixing alcohol and energy drinks, and a large number of those deaths come from drinking alcohol, energy drinks, and then driving. People mix the two beverages to give the appearance of not being drunk, even though they actually are drunk.

Energy Drink Toxicity and Risky Behavior

Some studies have been conducted involving teenagers and the use of energy drinks. Those studies have found that there is a connection between risky behavior and too many energy drinks. The caffeine toxicity seems to make teenagers more willing to take risks that they would not take otherwise. Unfortunately, many teenagers will continue to drink energy drinks in excess because of the cheap and legal caffeine buzz that is experienced, which some compare with the high that you might get from using speed.

When you hear about energy drinks being toxic, these are the situations that people and experts are talking about – the level of caffeine that is in a persons system that can actually become toxic. You can tell when you’ve had too much of an energy drink, to the brink of toxicity, when you are experiencing something beyond energy, such as heart palpitations and trembling.

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