How to Stop Frizzing Hair Naturally

Many people want to know how to stop frizzing hair naturally for good reason. The frizzy hair is unsightly and unmanageable but it can be tamed, especially if the problem is addressed in advance. The first step is to determine the cause of the frizzing before taking any steps to treat the problem.

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Causes of Frizzing Hair

What makes hair frizz? A number of different factors can come together to cause the styling problem but in many cases, it is one or two habits or circumstances that make hair unmanageable. Consider some factors that lead to frizzing to see if any are applicable to your situation:

• Excessive blow drying
• Damage from coloring products
• Damage from relaxers or perms
• Too many hairstyling products
• Chlorine
• Harsh shampoos
• Ineffective conditioners
• High humidity

Naturally Curly Hair

People who have naturally curly hair also have a tendency to experience more frizzing than people who have straight locks. This problem can be addressed by using shampoos, styling products and conditions made specifically for curly hair.

Hair Products

While many hair products are effective in keeping hair from frizzing, others have the opposite effect. Some suggest avoiding certain hairstyling products, especially moosses that can dry hair. Many products contain alcohol, which can cause frizzing after repeated use.

In addition, many shampoos have a drying effect, especially for those who wash every day. Keep in mind that is isn’t necessary to repeat if you wash your hair thoroughly, so stick to one application of shampoo followed by a thorough washing and proper conditioning.

Blow Drying and Styling

Styling hair can cause damage, especially when heat is involved. Skip the hair dryer if at all possible. If it isn’t possible to skip this step, try using low heat settings. It takes longer for locks to dry but they are less likely to frizz in the process.

There is conflicting information about curling irons when it comes to frizzing and damage. The problem is that the irons initially make the hair smooth and shiny but afterwards, drying and frizzing can occur. Opt for ceramic irons that do not overly dry the hair shafts.

Quick Tricks to Stop Frizzing Hair

Humidity is an element that is difficult to battle but you can get frizz under control even if you live in humid climates and you have thick, curly or coarse hair. Some tips for frizzy hair include:

• Rinse hair with cold water.
• Mix egg, olive oil and mayonnaise and apply to the hair. Allow it to set for a half hour. Rinse and shampoo as usual.
• Natural vegetable glycerin added to moosse or gel.
• Mix apple cider vinegar and water as a final rinse after shampooing and conditioning.
• Wash hair every other day rather than on a daily basis. The natural oils help tame frizzing.

Preventative measures can be very helpful, especially when it comes to choosing the right styling products. Treat hair gently without tugging and pulling at the strands. Smooth hair is possible no matter how humid it is or how curly your hair is.

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