How to Shrink Facial Pores Naturally

Enlarged divots on the face can be unsightly and many are trying to find out how to shrink facial pores naturally. Many products on are the market that claim to help, but some can cause other skin problems in the end. Consider the reason pores are present as a way to develop an approach to minimizing them naturally.

It is important to note that the goal should be to minimize pores, not to make them disappear completely. The facial pores do serve a very important purpose and they should be allowed to function properly in order to ensure good skin health as well as a younger looking countenance.

Why do Pores Enlarge

The article Why Pores Enlarge helps to shed light on the subject. During infancy and childhood, pores are not visible on the face. This is because they do not contain very much oil. During adolescence, the pores enlarge to accommodate higher levels of oil produced by oil glands in the skin.

Women typically see a significant decrease in pore size during menopause, when oil levels decrease. While the oil is the cause of the enlarged pores, it is also an important element in keeping skin supple, moisturized and younger looking. You can decrease the appearance of pores without drying the skin.

Home Remedies to Shrink Facial Pores

Home remedies can be effective in treating the condition, offering a natural solution to unsightly enlarged pores that won’t dry or damage the skin. Simple recipes can offer excellent results for many people.

Tomato Mixture

A tomato mask is a very simple home remedy for enlarged facial pores. Some people create a pulp by mashing the tomato after removing its juice and seeds while others simply apply slices of tomato on the affected area. Leave the tomato on the face for about ten minutes and rinse with water.

Egg White Mixture

Mix one half teaspoon of lemon juice with one egg white to make an all natural face mask. The mixture creates a fluffy lather that can be easily applied to the skin. Allow the mixture to dry until it feels tight and rinse with water. Cool water rinses are preferable to hot water because they tighten the pores.

facial pores How to Shrink Facial Pores Naturally

Products that Shrink Pores

Some products are designed specifically for minimizing pores on the face. While many of the items work very well, they often cause breakouts in the process. If the pores shrink too much, the oil becomes trapped, creating acne breakouts in the process. It’s better to have slightly larger pores that function properly than clogged pores that cause pimples.

Products that contain glycolic acid and salicylic acid are effective in removing extra dirt and oil from pores and they are exfoliating agents as well. After pores are cleaned, they can be maintained using cleansers that contain these ingredients.

Clay Masks

Clay is a natural element that helps by absorbing excess oils from the pores. Leaving a clay mask on until it dries helps to remove dirt and oil without causing too much dryness or damage to the pores.

Avoid squeezing pores no matter how tempting it is to try to remove the dirt and oil quickly. Aggressive squeezing can damage the surrounding skin as well as the pore, making the area look worse than it did to begin with.

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