How to Overcome Heroin Addiction

Heroin addiction is destructive to the addict and to society as a whole.  Although according to the National Institute for Drug Abuse its use has declined in recent years its use remains prevalent throughout the world and kicking an addiction to this drug is not something easily accomplished, but it is possible.

How To Overcome Heroin Addiction How to Overcome Heroin Addiction

Recognize the Destruction

Addiction is by far the worst effect of heroin use.  The drug will take over the mind and body of the user resulting in the body’s dependency on the drug and causing significant changes to the brains functioning.  Addiction to heroin causes compulsive drug seeking and the addict will beg, borrow and steal if necessary for their next fix.

Recognize the destruction that heroin use has or will cause to your life.  This addiction can interfere with your life at home, school or work.  It not only causes problems for you but for those around you.  You are putting yourself at a high risk of contracting HIV or full blown AIDS.  You have an increased risk of physical complications to your body such as infections to the lining and valves of the heart, venous problems, arthritis, skin diseases and mental and emotional problems.

You Will Need Help

Confide in someone you trust such as a close family member, friend, clergyman or physician about your addiction to this harmful drug and your desire to rid yourself of your addiction.  If you do not have anyone that you trust you can seek assistance from organizations.  Contact the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration who can help you locate help in your area.

Even after you have detoxified from heroin you will need further treatment and therapies for behavior and cognitive therapy which will teach you coping strategies to deal with the temptations of addiction.  You can also benefit from group therapies such as narcotics anonymous.  There are many resources available to you and your physician or counselors can help get you to the people who will be able to help you through this painful process of heroin withdrawal.

Overcome Heroin Addiction Withdrawal

Although some people attempt to withdraw from heroin addiction cold turkey it will be less painful if you undergo detoxification at a drug abuse treatment facility.  Withdrawal symptoms can be severe and include nausea, vomiting, restlessness, aches deep in the muscles and bones and the extreme desire to use the drug to stop them all.  In a treatment facility you have the help of people who know what they are doing and can help you through this painful process.  Medications can be given to help ease the symptoms of withdrawal improving the chances of your success.

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