How to Heal Acne Scars Naturally

Acne is a skin condition caused when follicles or pores become blocked by sebum (oil). This promotes the growth of bacteria and the most recognized characteristic of the condition: pimples. Acnes tends to occur where there is the largest number of these follicles, hence the face, and sometimes the back and chest are most often affected.

acne scars How to Heal Acne Scars Naturally

Although the condition is most often found in teenagers, it can continue well into the adult years. Even acne that has vanished completely can leave scarring. Acne scars can be a source of embarrassment. Fortunately nature provides us with many alternatives for regaining healthy looking skin. While the importance of a proper diet is dismissed in some quarters when dealing with acne, it certainly should not be overlooked.

1/ Diet

Vitamin E has been shown through numerous studies to help heal the skin and protect it from sun damage. No wonder it is added to so many lotions. Apart from being applied topically, a diet rich in vitamin E also has a positive impact on the look of the skin. Foods rich in this nutrient include:

• Blueberries
• Olives
• Papaya
• Raw sunflower seeds
• Roasted almonds
• Spinach
• Turnip greens

Vitamin A also plays a role in improving the look of the skin. This vitamin is found in dairy products, but be sure to go for the low fat options. Salmon, walnuts and flax seeds deliver important fatty acids to the body to help maintain a healthy look. It is believed that these fatty acids can also protect the skin from future damage by strengthening skin cells.

2/ Topical applications

Aside from diet to keep skin looking healthy, there are natural products which are important in maintaining healthy skin. In fact many natural home-made skincare products work just as well or even better than expensive store bought products. Some of these are:


This sweet nectar from nature’s busiest worker can be used for more than just its taste. Shown to be effective in soothing mild burns and insect bites, some people also use it on the skin to help lessen the appearance of acne scars. It helps in minimizing the presence of bacteria on the skin due to its anti-bacterial properties. It should be noted however, that not all types of honey are effective in this regard. One proven source is the Manuka Honey from New Zealand.

Cocoa Butter

This has been a popular ingredient of skin products for years for a good reason. It is the natural oil found in the cocoa bean which is used to make chocolate. Cocoa butter has been long recognized for its ability to decreases signs of scarring with regular use. In some cases, scars will disappear completely. For people who are still struggling to control their acne this might not be the best option. Given its oily nature it can lead to more breakouts.

Lime or lemon juice

lemons How to Heal Acne Scars Naturally

These can be used both internally and externally. Apply the juice to problem areas with a cotton ball. If it feels a bit harsh then add a little water but do not dilute it too much. Once it is applied to the skin it works best if left on overnight. For internal use, add one lime or half a lemon to a glass of warm water and have it first thing in the morning. It can also be added to regular drinking water for a similar cleansing effect, though this is not as effective. Mixing lime/lemon juice with yogurt will also help to lighten the appearance of scars.

Aloe Vera

The healing properties of aloe vera cannot be ignored when dealing with scars of any type. Apply a paste of the gel over the face and leave it on for about 15 minutes and rinse off with warm water.

Before attempting any of the above treatment the face should be thoroughly cleaned first. Direct sunlight makes spots appear even darker so it is important to wear adequate sunscreen when outside. Also, while some persons will find that they get rid of the scars completely not everyone will have the same results.

Many people are plagued with lifelong acne scars without realizing the way to get rid of them might be right there in their homes. Nature provides us with many options for dealing ailments of the skin. Trying any of the above mentioned remedies should produce results for most people. Be sure to be consistent with treatment and avoid expecting too much too soon.

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