How to Go On a Juice Fast

If you’ve ever looked for ways to lose weight or to detoxify your body, you have probably heard of a juice fast. A juice fast can be quite beneficial, and everyone should try a juice fast at least once a year for better health. You need to know how to go on a juice fast.

How to go on a Juice Fast How to Go On a Juice Fast

Prepare Yourself for a Juice Fast

First, you need to prepare yourself. You need to stock the right fruits and a juicer. It is best to drink the freshest juice possible on a juice fast, as it is unprocessed, and you get more of the nutrients that the fruit or vegetable contains.

Prepare yourself mentally for your fast. First realize that you will not be starving, because you will be using fresh fruit and vegetable juices. Essentially, you are ‘eating’ in that you are still getting all of the nutrients that you need, in the best liquid form possible. Do not go into this thinking that you are going to be starving yourself. A true juice fast will last for no less than eight days.

The Best Juices for a Juice Fast

First, you need to know that any juice that you prepare should be a mixture of 50% juice and 50% water. Purchase bottled water for this purpose. Also, do not use a blender. Instead, use an actual juicer.

With that said, the best juices for a juice fast come from carrots, celery, cucumbers, romaine lettuce, bean sprouts, zucchini, beets, cabbage, and tomatoes. You can add fruit to the juice fast. Stick to oranges and apples for this purpose, but ideally, you will consume more vegetable juice than fruit juice.

The Juice Fast

During the first two days of your fast, your body will actually burn off the food that remains in your digestive tract, and will then turn to the liver for food that is actually stored there for the next two days. On the fifth day, your body will start cleansing and detoxifying the best, because all of that stored food has left your system completely.

One of the best things about a juice fast is that you are essentially allowed to drink all of the vegetable juice that you want, as long as it is freshly prepared by you, and not canned or bottled by a manufacturer. You can drink a couple of glasses of fruit juice each day just for variance in your diet if you opt to, but fruit juice is not actually necessary for this process. You don’t have to feel starved, because you can get as full as you wish on juice.

During the juice fast, you should expect to urinate more and to have more frequent bowel movements. This is your body ridding itself of all of that stuff that it has been storing, including all of those nasty toxins.

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