How to Get Rid of Dandruff Naturally

Many people know how to get rid of dandruff using harsh chemicals that can be irritating but few know how to get rid of dandruff naturally. Getting information is an important step in the process and the Dandruff Overview at Web MD offers detailed information about the condition.

dandruff How to Get Rid of Dandruff Naturally

What is Dandruff?

The scalp problem appears as white flakes that are present on the scalp. In addition, itchiness is a major symptom of the condition. While the trademark white flakes and itching are easily recognized as dandruff, the actual source of the problem may be surprising to some.

Dandruss is caused by malassezia, a fungus that is similar to yeast. Some refer to the yeast-like fungus as pityrosporum. The fungus is usually present on the scalp and it typically causes no problems. However, sometimes it can grow out of control under certain conditions. Possible causes that trigger excess growth include:

• Stress
• Hormone imbalance
• Illness
• Weakened immune system
• Increased production of oil on the scalp
• Shampooing infrequently

The overgrowth of malassezia fungus leads to inflammation that is mild but causes dead skin cells to form. The dead skin cells collect with oil on the scalp, creating white clumps that are readily recognized as dandruff flakes. Knowing that the source of the problem is a fungus that causes inflammation makes choosing natural remedies for dandruff much easier.

Natural Remedies for Dandruff

Different ways to get rid of dandruff include simple changes in habit as well as internal and external treatments. Choosing a shampoo that contains anti-dandruff ingredients can significantly lessen the symptoms of the condition. When this approach irritates the scalp or if it falls short of expectations, other approaches can help.

Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic that also has antifungal properties. Using shampoos that contain tee tree oil has been shown to reduce the presence of dandruff on the scalp for many people. Not enough clinical studies have been conducted to make an absolute conclusion about the effectiveness of tea tree oil for dandruff though many swear by this natural remedy for dandruff.
Apple cider vinegar is an old home remedy for dandruff that many people love. Mix equal parts apple cider vinegar and water and apply to the scalp, allowing it to set for about 15 minutes. Rinse, shampoo and condition as usual.


Biotin is unique as a natural remedy for dandruff because it is taken internally. The element is a B vitamin that is water-soluble. Ingesting this vitamin can help break down proteins, fats and carbohydrates, allowing for healing to occur. Biotin is found in some foods:

• Barley
• Brewer’s yeast
• Eggs
• Liver
• Milk
• Royal jelly
• Soy

Adding these foods to a balanced diet along with the topical treatment of your choice can be effective in treating dandruff naturally. In some cases, it may be necessary to discuss the condition with a physician, especially if the dandruff does not go away or if it worsens.

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    i have dandraf and because of that my hair looks frizzy and i am having skin problem pimples are devoloping on my skin someone plz suggest me wat 2 do plzzzzzzzzzzz

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    Natural dandruff treatments sometimes take a little bit longer to be effective, but once they do, they remain effective. The important thing about natural remedies is that they tend to be holistic, and that means they have permanent, whole-body effects.

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