How Long Does It Take To Cure Pneumonia

Pneumonia once caused dread to those who heard they or a loved one had this sickness. However, thanks to modern medicine, while still serious, it is no longer considered a death sentence. Nonetheless, pneumonia can still result in death if not treated properly, especially in the elderly and children younger than one year old. These days treatment can be based solely on western medicine, alternative medicine, or a combination of both.

pneumonia How Long Does It Take To Cure Pneumonia

What is Pneumonia?

Pneumonia is most commonly the result of an infection caused by bacteria or a virus, or by the inhalation of vomit, mucus and some types of chemicals. The word pneumonia means an ‘inflammation of the lungs’.

There are several types of pneumonia which are differentiated by the bacteria which caused it. In fact, there are said to be around 30 different types, but they are grouped under two main headings, namely, aspiration and infective pneumonia. Aspiration pneumonia results from the inhalation of vomit or harsh chemicals into the lungs.

Infective pneumonia results from the Streptococcus pneumoniae bacteria. Some other bacteria which can cause the condition are pneumococcus and staphylococcus. The worst form of the sickness, lobar pneumonia is caused by the pneumococcus bacteria.

Regardless of the cause, the result is lungs that cannot properly do their job, thus preventing oxygenated blood from reaching cells. Pneumonia generally results in air sacs becoming filled with mucous and pus.

Treatment of Pneumonia

Treatment depends on the type and severity of the pneumonia. When caused by bacteria, pneumonia is commonly treated with antibiotics such as penicillin, erythromycin and Augmentin. Most persons with pneumonia do not need hospitalization. However they have to take their medication, drink lots of fluids and get plenty of rest.

When pneumonia is viral, administering antibiotics is not an effective treatment. In fact, this type tends to go away on its own over time with rest and lots of fluids. Pain and fever can be controlled with over-the-counter medications.

Natural Treatment For Pneumonia

Like most illnesses, pneumonia can be effectively treated naturally. One often recommended treatment option is a vitamin C regimen. Other recommended courses of treatment include:

Fenugreek tea

This is recommended especially in the early stages of the infection. Drinking tea made from Fenugreek helps to shorten the timeframe during which the fever lasts. The recommended dosage is four cups per day.  It is recommended that for best results, the stomach should be empty before drinking the tea. In fact, fenugreek tea works best during a period of fasting.


Garlic can be taken internally as well as used externally for pneumonia. Garlic tea helps with clearing the respiratory system. Applying a paste of garlic on the chest is also helpful, but be on the lookout for possible skin irritation. If irritation occurs discontinue external use.

Sesame seeds

An infusion made from sesame seeds, linseed, salt and honey helps to remove mucus and other matter from the bronchial passage. Around 15g of sesame seeds is steeped in 250 ml of water and allowed to brew for a few minutes.

Vegetable Juices

The nutritional and healing powers of vegetable juices are well known. Use any combination of vegetables you want for your vegetable juice to help speed recovery from pneumonia. One combination can be carrots, parsnip, cucumber and beet. Very few vegetables are excluded, you can do single vegetable juices such as spinach or you can combine them. Avoid adding sugar or artificial sweeteners to your vegetable juices. If so inclined, use a little honey.

It is always best not to self-diagnose if possible. If you suspect you have pneumonia, get checked out by a doctor to confirm this. Once you receive confirmation you can determine how to proceed with treatment.

How long Does it take to be Cured

The time it takes to cure pneumonia depends on the type, severity and the general health of the patient. The course of treatment also plays a role in recovery time. Generally, a healthy person should make a full recovery within two to three weeks if they complete their treatment. This timeline is especially true for younger persons. Seniors may take a little longer to recover from pneumonia. The coughing can however take up to eight weeks to stop completely.

Most important, whether you are using western medicine or alternative medicine to treat pneumonia, some things are constant. These are a well balanced diet, lots of fluids, fresh air and lots of rest.

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63 Responses to “How Long Does It Take To Cure Pneumonia”

  1. 1
    TIM Says:


  2. 2
    Christine Says:

    Hi Tim. I have pneumonia, also and took the last of my five antibiotics yesterday.
    You are not going to die from this.
    It takes a few weeks to feel up to par again. Like the above article says, rest, fluids and a balanced diet. Your body is trying to heal itself after having an infection and needs all the help it can get, but the average healthy person very, very rarely dies of this.

    This is the third time in my life I have had pneumonia and I am 54. The getting better part after the antibiotics are all done doing their work is long and boring. THAT is the part that drives me the most crazy :)

    Stay warm and healthy, Tim!

  3. 3
    zak Says:

    i couldnt believe when the doctor diagnosed me with pneumonia, im wondering how i couldve got it though.

  4. 4
    michael Says:

    hi there people i have a pneumonia too based on my x ray result but how did i get it my mother said its on computer cuz im alwayz playing comp..i think i spend 5 hours a day
    Then my mother told me since i dont have pneumonia she tell me that when i waz child i have a asthma many years has past when i age on 13 to 17 i cant breath perfectly now i know when im 17 years old i have pheumonia

    BTW my name is Michael

  5. 5
    kappa Says:

    hey guys..about 2 weks ago i diagnosed with pneumonia.i had to stay 4 days in hospital and the doc said ill need another 4-5 days in house before i can go out and get back to reality.these days have passed but im still staying inside.i was just wondering(cause im a smoker) does anybody know how long i should wait to smoke again

  6. 6
    denise Says:

    hi all, im Denise and im from grandmother was diagnosed with pneumonia in hospital when she found out herself with fever and cold.she has been in ICU for 11 days.She’s in critical and doctor had gave many different types of antibiotic but it seems useless.although she’s in coma but she still can feel the pain bcoz doctor did the ventilator to her.the doctor in the hospital cant cure her since it become more serious each to each days.we don’t want to lose her.we can’t accept it bcoz she always in good health before she was diagnosed with pneumonia.we really don’t know how we can help her.

  7. 7
    jacqueline Says:

    I have been diagnosed with pnumonia. About a day before I started getting sick I bought a huge jar of minced garlic for an unknown reason. I started craving it a few days later. Chilling fevers etc. I went to the doctor and he gave me a puffer. After about 3 days I felt amazingly better and my fever was gone. I believe your body craves what it needs to heal – mine was garlic – I looked up garlic + pnumonia and found this site – I guess your body knows. The garlic does work.

  8. 8
    nicole Says:

    I have been diagnosed with pnumonia and have had i for about 2 weeks, I am very scared of meds, and finally just started to take them, I started feeling better after 3 days on meds but then i forgot to take it for a couple of days and I feel like im getiing it again, how long before the meds will make it go away?

  9. 9
    amy Says:

    i had pneumonia.

    i was working and drinking and smoking and drugs and dancing and doing everything i always did until the DAY i was diagnosed with it.

    nearly killed me . twelve hours off dying according to the doctor in the EMERGENCY room, so i advise anyone who suspects pneumonia to GET YOURSELF THOROUGHLY CHECKED OUT because it is a bitch i am so serious.

    you don’t want to spent 21 days in hospital away from your exciting life . seriously .

    it was a pain. i wish i had realised i had BLOOD in my throat and PAIN in my chest etc, ….

  10. 10
    amy Says:

    by the way – i suppose most people would suspect that they are sick .

    i ignored it .


    it mightttt kill you .

    six weeks until i could drink again . and do normal things / even have sex . CAN’T DO . because your lungs hurt too much . terrible .

  11. 11
    Nancy Says:

    av had a cough for the last one month, thought it was juxt a cough, took syrups and some amoxil. the cough never went away. Two days ago i went for an x-ray check up and was diagonised with pneumonia. am on treatment now with some antibiotics and hope it will go fast coz the cough is very irritating expecially in the mornings and at night. Am in my late 30s and hope for the best becoz of my dear children. am greatful coz am not the only one with it and people have recovered, i hope i recover soon too.

  12. 12
    kirsty Says:

    hi i got told i had pneumonia at the beg of jan , i was so ill coughing up phlem all the time,i was given antis after about 3 days and im now on my 3rd lot of them as im getting no better, this pneumonia really does take a tole on ur life ive been in bed for just over 2 weeks now and i feel so helpless, i have 2 small children too and its not nice for them seein me so ill. im really hopin i start to pick up pretty soon .

  13. 13
    Yvonne Says:

    Hello, I was diagnosed with pneumonia Jan 6th after two weeks of “allergies”. I couldn’t get enough sleep and then I started getting chest congestion and fevers. I treated it with my allergy herbs (stinging nettle and a combo of fenugreek and fennel)and some reflexology. These things did not work so I tried robitussin, that didn’t work either. After I got larangitis and a terrible deep chest cough, I went to the doctor to find out if I was contagious so I could continue to go to work. After the doctor took my temp, checked my oxygen level and listened to my lungs, she ordered an x-ray. It was confrimed within 4 hours what the problem was, lower lobe broncial bacterial pneumonia. Dr. put me on augemnten and I got a rash so took levaquin and had to use a nebulizer with albuterol breathing treatments. After a total of 10 days on antibiotics and breathing treatments, the infection seemed to be going away, but not completely. After about 3 weeks, I still have a little congestion, a slight cough and am still tired and am only working 1/2 days. After 4 weeks they will take another x-ray to make sure it is gone. I will probably be tired for 6 weeks. It’s hard not going to work and staying home and resting, but it is necessary to heal.

  14. 14
    Maria Says:

    I was just diagnosed with pneumonia. I freaked out. I had a cold last week and went it went away i started noticing i was having a hard time breathing at night. I had no coughing, just that so i thought I had asthma. I went to the doctor yesterday and I was told a had pneumonia. I just thought it was wierd because i had no crazy symptoms. I am allergic to penicillin so they gave me other kind of antibiotics and a shot. I was fine for 24 hours. My breathing was normal, then i started to cook and do house chores and i started to feel sick again. I had forgotten I was sick. I am 24 years old and never had pneumonia. I will definitely rest. Pneumonia is not just a small cold. just because i felt better does not mean I am ok. I thought it was going to go away in a day or two but for what i read here… thats not gonna happen. All the comments helped me. Thanks.

  15. 15
    jessica Says:

    Glad to Know you are on the mend, Maria. Get plenty of rest and drink fluids. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  16. 16
    LaToya Says:

    I was diagnosed with pneumonia on monday. Took the antibiotics for seven days and still feel no better. They gave me tussionex for cough, pro air for bronchitus and prednione to help with the inflammation in my chest. It is not sunday, shouldnt I be feeling a littlel bit better? Been out of work for a week and really cant afford to miss much more time. I also am falling behind in my school work. 2 small kids, hubby helps as much as possible. Any ideas???

  17. 17
    LaToya Says:

    oh, and the antibiotic was avelox. She said it was the strongest one she could give me by pill. I need help! :)

  18. 18
    liz Says:

    hi, the little girl we play with everyday was just diagnosed with pneumonia today. we had played with her yesterday when her fever was coming on. she is taking antibiotics. how long before we should go back over to her house. is there a specific time frame that we need to plan on being away, i.e, 1 to 2 weeks?


  19. 19
    CH Says:

    I am 41 and never really ill. I was diagnosed with Pnemonia at the beginning of Feb. I am now on my forth lot of antibiotics, whilst they are now doing the job, I still do not feel well. I am so down in the dumps, I am such an active person, but I have spend most of the last month in bed. I get so tired easily, I should be going back to work next week, but I picked the kids up from school yesterday,(first time in ages) and was so tired I could not cook tea, and I have felt horrible all day to day. I just hope the doctor will sign me off for another week. How much longer is this going to go on for?

  20. 20
    Ben Says:

    will viamin C help rid me of pneumonia?

  21. 21
    GP Says:

    was diagnosed with pneumonia 2 weeks go was on antibiotics for 10 days and a follow up xray says its clearing up. No meds taking now. but then im still having cough in the morning, phlegm and catching breath at times. I get easily tired and dull back pains. is this long to fully recover from it?..iots hard to take full rest as i have 1 year and 9 months old baby with me.

  22. 22
    Luci Says:

    I hope someone can give me answers. I was wondering how long it takes to recover. I am still coughing to a lesser degree and still bringing up phlegm. I still have lung pain (back) and side. What I noticecd the most is I am taking my emergency inhaler too much. I have asthma and I already am on Advair for maintanece. I normally don’t have to take my emergency inhaler at all. So I am concerned that I am still having trouble breathing.

  23. 23
    Anna Says:

    Hi everyone, I had a bad cough/cold for two weeks and kept taking Buckley’s cold pills so I could go to work and not spend my day coughing all the time. I finally went to a doctor and was shocked to find out I probably have pneumonia. I’m taking the antibiotics and inhaler and they’re working and I’m not coughing as much, but I haven’t felt this tired or weak in ages. I think the hardest part is being at home, resting and drinking water all the time. It’s so boring.
    I hope all of you with questions have managed to talk to a doctor. I never thought this would happen to me – I’m a regular, healthy person. I thought this was only something that old people got. There needs to be more awareness about this for everyone. OH and Kappa, once you quit smoking you’ll realize how insane your question about when you can start smoking again is.

  24. 24
    Angie Says:

    My 3 yr old son was diagnosed with Pneumonia about a week ago. We ended up going to the hospital, when his fever reached 103 (2 hrs after being given tylenol!) and it was 102 before the tylenol. At hospital, his fever had gone up to 104.5! They gave him Motrin, which began to bring the fever back down fairly quickly. He was then put on penicillin, for 10 days… last dose is tonight. I kept him out of school for that week. Back in 2 days ago, he’s doing much better. But still not eating great, and still coughing. But fever, chills and constant waking up is over with thankfully. On top of it all, at the follow-up we were told he also had an ear infection, which was not seen at the ER.

  25. 25
    Kathy Says:

    I went fishing and thought I had sinus problems. The next day I felt worse and left a note to my husband I was loosing the war going to doctor. I’d told the doctor it must be sinus infection. The doctor had me to get x-ray and then she told me she wished she had took a bet on my diagnoses. I have Pneumonia and I will see her next month to see if it’s gone meanwhile spring has sprung and
    the fish will be bitting good and this feels like torture
    because everybody’s going fishing and I have to spend a month in the house.

  26. 26
    Monir Hossain Says:

    I’m near about 38years,last year in winter attacked by Pneumonia,this year also same pneumonia attacked before two month and Doctor treating me by Azithromycin 500mg for 3days,not cured than again given me Levofloxacin 500mg for 10days including Penicillin injection for 3days,it was for some ok,than again breathing Problem visited another Doctor,explained all in details than he change BP Medicine and given me Bronchodilator 2mg3times for 7days some time ok,than again breathing problem went another Doctor again given me Azithromycin 500mg for 5 days and advise for Chest Xray and CBC,The Report of xray said mild Pneumonia and Doctor told me it will ok after some time,I finished my medicines complate course but still I’m not feeling well,specially in the evening Feeling chest Conjasted.really in bad situation,please help me and advise me in this situation what I have to do?waiting for your kind wishes.

  27. 27
    Alvin Says:

    On the afternoon of Jan. 28th of this year I began feeling real,real bad with a fever of 103.5 degrees,but i did not go to the doctor for 5 days and was hospitalized immediately for 8 days. It is now March 24th and i still am, very,very weak and I am not expected to return to work until the 29th. How unusual is this for a 50 year old smoker for 33 years?

  28. 28
    Juan Torres Says:

    To all, for a pneumonia, eat as much raw garlic as possible. do this get a slice of bread spread with butter, put at least two cloves of garlic (chopped up or sliced) and some habanero peppers in it, use jalapeno peppers if you cant find habaneros. eat some every few houres. never smoke.never sin. God bless all.

  29. 29
    sara Says:

    hi all, i have pneumonia and have been taking antibiotics (on day 5 of a 7 day course) my cough has almost gone but i still have some rib this normal or should i gop back to doc? i have 2 small children and LOTS of uni assignments to get through so need to recovere asap. resting is not an option unfortunatley. :(

  30. 30
    SHARON Says:

    I Have had pneumonia for about a week now. I still feel so very bad. I cant cough up the stuff in my chest. It hurts really bad. I want to get better soon. I need to go back to work. I dont have time to sit at home and rest and get better. Can anyone help. Should I just stick it out or go back to the doctor???????? I am so sick of this.

  31. 31
    Eve Says:

    Started suddenly with high fever and chills… then cough and pain in my chest and ribs when breathing. Went to Doc thinking I had bronchitis or maybe the flu… after a chest x-ray it was confirmed double pneumonia. Doc gave IV antibiotics in office, a triple z-pack, and 3000mg of amoxocilin/ day for 10 days… I spent my time in bed doing breathing exercises! On the second day of IV antibiotics in office, the pain was not as bad. Now, it has been two weeks. I am starting to feel better. I am very healthy, I am 35ish, exercise every day, eat healthy, and this is kicking my butt. At two weeks out, I am tired, joint pain, some cough, and still some phelgm. It is not fun to rest at home and just wait for it to pass… I will be trying the garlic! Anything to get better faster.

    And if ya have pneumonia… for heaven sake Stop Smoking. Really, give your poor lungs a break- they are the only ones you get! God Bless!

  32. 32
    Carol Says:

    I am 53 and went into the doc for what seemed to be sinusitis. Within 24 hours it traveled into my chest and I was struggling to breath. First doc put me on one week of Zithromax. It didn’t help and I was steadily getting worse. Pain in my chest/ burning ,night sweats, day sweats ,chills, shivering uncontrollably and involuntarily. That was what got my attention, and got my self to a doc ER pronto. 2nd doc put me on a week of Levaquin, a nebilizer treatment and I had to call later to get (provental) to help me breath. Almost a whole week on Levaquin, was still getting worse, not better. Went back to doc number 3 and he gave me a chest x-ray bloodwork, etc and said I have Pneumonia. He gave me Doxycycline, and Prenizone(steroids). I am now happy to say I am on my way to getting better. But it has been a long slow ride. The Doxycycline seemed to be the only antibiotic that made a difference. I have a 10 day run of it. So far so good. Long boring recovery though. Feel so tired all the time. The Tussinex helped when I was in the throws of it and couldn’t sleep. This Pneumonia seems to be a tough one to get rid of. It kicks butt on your functionality and immune system. Sometimes I felt like I could have “checked out” if I didn’t fight it so hard. It was a pretty humbling, and scary ordeal. Glad I am on the other side of it now but I feel like I have to step gingerly with it right now until I gain my full strength back.

  33. 33
    jesse Says:

    hi guys. this is my second battle with pnumonia.the first was chemicaly induced at work, and was very serious. and I survied it, just to give you some did take over 4 months to get better.this time I’m 25 yrs older at 54 and have type 2 diabites and again after 3 weeks felling better.after 2nd antibiotcs treatment. the first was doxycycline, which worked a little but the bacteria returned, and I had some side effects from it, now aritimision is working.pray and meditation works. relax and breath, you will make it.

  34. 34
    Annette Says:

    Hello all…Have had viral pneumonia off and on for a few years now. Left upper lobe pneumonia to be exact. Starts with a sharp stabbing pain in chest, chills, dry cough, and night sweats. X-ray just shows pneumonia; however, it is important to know if it is Viral or Bacteria. If Bacterial, it is treated with antibiotics; however, if Viral, antibiotics will not cure it. Cough now has turned to a wet cough, with yellow phlegm, which I can now expectorate, which is very good. Still feeling tired; however there is hope that this will pass. As my doc says…rest, lots of tea, garlic, onion, honey, lemon and warm water as an expectorant and positive thinking. Don’t give up and a wish for a very speedy recovery! Smiles :)

  35. 35
    jeff Says:

    thank God for your comments I have liver problems and I dietetic and I have been sick with pneumonia for three weeks my sister yells at me that I am faking being sick she tells me I never go anywhere or do anything but the fact is I am to sleepily and my ribs and whole side of my right body is in pain,she attempts to make me out to be a nut case. I am able now to sit up and work on the computer about four hours or more a day but then go back to bed ??????? am I just being lazy or what

  36. 36
    Chester Chetta Says:

    I had that pneumonia for about two weeks then I took a good laxitive and that took care of it in no time..

  37. 37
    abdul latif Says:

    I got pneumonia in oct.2009 but not well trated in june diagnosed c-scan bronco scopy . 3 report clear c-scan shown pneumonia. medicine taken 10 daysoresim 400 mg and another 10 days orexim (+)+lazer-250 (++) by the doctor. how much time it will take to cure.what type of pneumonia? what reason may be smoking . light I have asthma. pls comments. thanks

  38. 38
    Sonya Says:

    Hi, my daughter just finished antibiotics for viral pneumonia, she is much better now, I’m sure the antibiotics have done their job but I can still hear faint crackling at the end of her breath. She is continuing to take a steriodal inhaler (although I’m not convinced she is breathing it deep enough). Should I be concerned about this noisy breathing? She is lower energy but improving daily.

  39. 39
    Sonya Says:

    Sorry, it was bacterial not viral : )

  40. 40
    Clifford Says:

    Hi..June 2008 when I was diagnosed to have acquired Pneumonia..I suspected that I got this from work because I am exposed to Lead all Day.I was given a medication for 15 days.November 2009 when I had my check up again and still I have Pneumonia. Recently this June 2010 I got to see a doctor because Im going abroad..I took my medical Exam and found ou that i still have Pneumonia…From year 2008 onwards I never felt any serious symptoms that I have pneumonia other than Backpain and excessive sweating on my back…My Physical exams and blood test were all normal…But my X-Ray Result is telling me that I have Pneumonia.Did someone experience like what I have please advise..

  41. 41
    Anita Says:

    This is my fourth week off work recovering from pneumonia. The treatment of antibiotics for 10 days worked and now gratefully my lungs are clear. I am 53 and a non-smoker. Guess my immune system is under stress. Has been a very humbling experience. What is tough is the fatigue. I wonder will I ever get my energy back?

  42. 42
    Caid Says:

    Amazing how few people can spell pneumonia.

    Clifford. I am not a doctor, though I would imagine that working around lead a lot, if it was aerosolized (became airborne by melting it and such) you may have permanent lung damage. I’m completely guessing on this one, but there’s a chance that what the x-rays are showing is actually scar tissue, and not pneumonia per-say. Remember what pneumonia is, it’s inflammation of the lungs. It’s not always a virus or bacteria causing it.

    If your x-ray results have been consistently showing the same thing for two years, you might want to ask about other possibilities. Do you smoke, by change? Does it ever hurt when you breathe? Do you have any pets, and if so, have you been tested for allergies to them? Is there anything you’re still in contact with that might be causing an allergic reaction via swelling in the lungs?

    You might also want to compare x-rays from the past and more recent ones and see if there’s any change in shape. If not, it’s possible the areas that are lighting up are the same and may in fact be identified as something else. Something that has been there for a while. Pneumonia should go away once the cause has been removed. Most people don’t carry the disease around for 2 years, and would find it difficult to cope with being consistently out of breath, coughing, and sick for two years straight. If you’re not really put off by any of these symptoms, it may be time to ask your doctor for another possible diagnosis.

    This is just my opinion, I am not a doctor tough I’d like to at least help you get the ball rolling in the right direction. Best of luck with you and your situation, Cliff.


    p.s. Anita, you most certainly will ;)

  43. 43
    leslieann Says:

    I am 62 and I have had pneumonia now for 8 wks. I have had 4 xrays and will get one next week and then we will go to plan B whatever that means. when I feel good I do to much and it sets me back the next day. my cough is better but I am so tired and my voice sounds funny. I finished my antibiotics and am hoping for improvement. Does anyone know how long this can hang on? I am getting a little discouraged as I like to walk my dogs and go to the gym.

  44. 44
    TerminalXception Says:

    Hi All,

    I see that most of them are scared and some of them really don’t want to suffer pneumonia due to it pain full symptoms.

    Don`t get scared by reading too many online articles.

    Pneumonia is just an inflation in lungs due to infection. It will be fatal only if it is not treated. Also, most of them want to be completely normal and back to the usual life within couple of day after taking antibiotics. One should understand that just taking pills for 3 or 5 day wont help us to completely recover and go for base ball play.

    After taking 5 days of medicine the bacterias within you lungs will be cleared off. This doesn’t mean you ar
    e cured. After medication you will still have cough for minimum 3 -6 weeks. You can ask your doctor for cough table. Cough will be severe during night and morning and you will cough out either phlegm or just it will be watery. It will take time for the congestion to completely go off

    Some home remedy. Please do no smoke this will increase the congestion and lessen your immunity which can worsen the infection in lungs.I used to smoke once a week i stopped even that now.

    Please do not drink this will suppress your immune system and you body will not be able to fight against the disease. A full bottle of JD sleeping in my fridge.

    Please do not get scared or stressed due to this disease this will lessen you immune system.

    Prepare a drink containing garlic,ginger,pepper,fenugreek,salt. Just mix all this with water and boil. Drink this twice a day morning and evening. This will dissolve the congestion.

    Avoid coffee or any milk product this will thicken the phlegm. Drink green tea instead.

    Follow diet don’t eat much. Have a limited diet so that digestion will be easy.

    Be normal go to work come back and take complete rest. Have a deep sleep.

    try to cough out in the morning and night.

    Remain calm your disease will run off in another 3 or 4 weeks. It lung infection so it will take time dont expect things to be ok in few days. Follow the diet as said above till u get out of this hell.

    I got fever, i took amox and that night my fever went off. I went to doctor the next day. I`m diagnosed with pneumonia. I got scared. Then i started taking medicine for 5 days. Went to doctor again, i was better no fever no symptoms only tiredness and cough. The doctor prescribed me with cough medicine. Taking 3 times a day. Im still having cough and tiredness i know its going to take time for me to heal completely am maintaining above said diets.

    Please take care of yourself very much and be bold to face the disease when you are diagnosed with pneumonia.

  45. 45
    TerminalXception Says:

    Clifford, Pneumonia cannot last for 2 years. if a person is acquired with pneumonia and not treated properly the infection will spread across the entire lung. Atlast this will lead to severe breathing problem and will be fatal so this i think what you have is not pneumonia.

  46. 46
    TerminalXception Says:

    Before understanding pneumonia let me tell you why lung is very important This will help you to understand the seriousness of lung infection.

    When we breath the air , the air will get directly into lung. The lung has lot of air sacs called as alveoli. All the air that we intake are stored in these small air sac. This air sac will separate the oxygen from the air and purify it. Once purified this oxygen will be transferred from the lungs to the blood. Then the blood will carry this oxygen to Heart.

    So if you get infected in lung the alveoli will get filled up with fluid or pus. Hence it will not be able to store air. This causes breathing problem. If alveoli fails to store air the oxygen separation will not happen and sufficient oxygen will not be transferred to the blood. Hence the blood will not pass on oxygen to heart and finally will result in pulse going down and lead to cardiac arrest and the death of the person.

  47. 47
    ANGELINE Says:

    i was coughing for the three wks of june, but the fourth wk i just wake up not breathing .Iwent to the Doctor and the gp says it’s asthma.But after the senior doc came, he said it was pneumonia .I was on antibiotics for 4 days in hospital and was discharged.The first wk after discharged i was seriously ill.I used alot of warm water. ginger.lemons but it helps .After a week i started bring out heavy phlems .It’s nw four wks since i started but still coughing phlems out everytime . Hw long does it take,pliz help it’s so irritating.

  48. 48
    sindy Says:

    I’m 55, never been sick before. I thought I just had a hard time recoverying from a cold, short of breath, slight fatigue, but felt fine. No fever or cough. All of the sudden I started coughing lots of blood. After several test at the emergency room, I was diagnosed with bronchialitis and pneumonia. I had had some headaches and a sharp pain in my chest but I thought the headaches were allergy related and the chest pain felt like a muscle spasm. I was in the hospital 2 day and given steroids and clarithromyacin for 20 days. It’s been 2 months and I feel fine except still short of breath and fatigue. My doctor said it would take a long time to fully recover because my pneumonia was caused by a serious sphaf infection

  49. 49
    Duncan Ure Says:

    Hi, I am seriously worried for my aunt’s health as she was took into Hospital on 26/08/2010 with what her GP thought was a bad chest infection which her GP had given Anti-Biotics for 8 weeks to help cure a cough but on 27/08/2010 my aunt was diagnosed with Pneumonia & placed in an ICU. Today which is 3 days onwards & still there is no news of her getting better. I am really worried as the Hospital Nurses have informed our family that although they have managed to drain fluid from around her heart which is now gone, they are saying my aunt is no better fro the day she was diagnosed & not responding from her ongoing treatment in the hospital & are now wondering if there is an underlying illness which is stopping her from responding to her reatment. I am sending this due to how worried my family & I are & hope that you could give me any indication or hope for my aunts health? I would be so greatful of your help & to give my family some sort of hope? Kind Regards, Duncan Ure

  50. 50
    Sajid Says:

    Hi, I am much worried about my father. He was suffering from fever and chill and taking it for a cold he was given antibiotics by his GP. After two weeks he was still not well and very weak. He was taken to the hospital on 21.08.10 (2 weeks ago). He was diagnosed to have pneumonia and given treatment.He also had water in his lungs. He is still at hospital. He no longer has fever or chill and no more water in his lungs. However he is constantly short of breath, very weak and has lost all apetite. He hardly eats and has lost a lot of weight. His X ray and scan shows that his chest is clear and that he has no other infection. I dearly hope that that u can provide us with some hope as we are desperately worried about his breadthlessness and weak condition.
    Gratefully yours.

  51. 51
    Lisa Says:

    I was in the Dr’s office two weeks ago and diagnosed w/ pneumonia. First round of Z-pack did not help; on levaquin now. Just finished 7 days of it and still can’t breath when I do anything.

    Very frustrating. Didn’t have a fever at all, no sweats or chills either. Just couldn’t breath.

  52. 52
    becka mackinnon Says:

    your comments are bullshit.. honestly, noone cares if your sick er not ?

  53. 53
    ankush Says:

    last day in my x-ray report ,dr said its a case of pneumonia ,docters give me some medicines ,and a “esiflo 250 trans haler” i feel better in one day …its amazing …now a days new medicines cure u …not ur old desi techniques ….thank u

  54. 54
    toney r Says:

    becka mackinnon you my good dear are a kunt in every since of the word trailer trash bitch!

  55. 55
    Barb Cicerchi Says:

    I hope you have recovered by now Lisa. That was almost 4 months ago. I am in the same boat as you were. I just did the second round of z-pack and after 2 days of completing the meds, my side is hurting more again. Oh God its horrible, never had it before. Me too I had no symptoms I went to hospital cuz I thought I broke a rib pain was so bad, then that same day it felt like a knife stabbing my side when i took a deep breath. Let me no what they finally gave you and how you are. God bless you. Barb

  56. 56
    Amanda Says:

    im 14 and my type of pneumonia is not that Extreme.
    Im only Coughing And Got Chills . just in the morning…

    But yesterday i had lost of appetite.. and i have a feeling its gonna happen again :(

    im definitely not going to the hospital because in my town trust me they only poke you full of needles !!
    even the paramedics dont recommend it..

    Its my 1st time… And my mom & brother who is 20)has is too

    Email me
    Because i have no idea how to treat it

  57. 57
    mpho Says:

    i’m not replying but im just asking i have lobar pnemonia and treated the it.i don’t understand why im still coughing is 2 months know.

  58. 58
    Deandrea Wright Says:

    I hope that some of these people feel better because I pray for everyone Who’s got this nasty disease..!:(

  59. 59
    Andres Says:


    My child was admitted to the hospital cuz she has pneumonia…. We have been on the hospital for one week… Last week, we were in vacation and my child has lower fewer.i took my child to the dr. He took and the x ray and shows a bad case of pneumonia… Children are to strong sometimes they are sick but they don’t show cuz they are more interested in play. He didn’t look to sick and didn’t complain of any pain…. After I search about pneumonia and I see the severe of this. I can’t believe how my child wasn’t complaining of chest pain.

  60. 60
    B PEARL Says:

    I was diagnosed Nov. 15. I’m on my 4th set of antibiotics. My Dr changes them, but as soon as I stop taking them the symptoms return. I have walking pneumonia. I think I should be hospitalized but it doesn’t look like thats what my Dr wants to do.

  61. 61
    Renae Says:

    I have had pneumonia several times levaquin is the best

  62. 62
    meenakshi Says:

    Hai Doctor,
    This meenakshi thanks alot we have taken lot of information but we want some more information and also iam having lot of doubts

  63. 63
    Crystal Says:

    I have one question. would hot steam from a sink help me get a little better from Pneumonia? Cause a friend said it would make it wores and my mom said it might help.

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