Home Remedies for Rough Skin on Feet

Home remedies for rough skin on feet can offer the same benefits as many products designed to treat the condition. Simple solutions are readily available in items that may already be in your home. The cost effective approaches offer excellent results, especially if they are followed on a regular basis.

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Vinegar for Healthy Skin

Vinegar is one of the must-have pantry items that have seamlessly endless uses. There is little surprise that this natural element is helpful in treating rough skin on feet. Using vinegar to treat the condition is simple but it can be a little time consuming. The results are well worth the effort.

The vinegar soak includes the following ingredients:

• Warm water
• One cup white vinegar
• Mild dishwashing soap
• A few drops of essential oils

Mix the ingredients and soak feet for a half an hour. Rinse with warm water after soaking and gently dry the area. Apply a foot moisturizing lotion that offers deep hydration and put on a pair of clean socks. Cotton is the most recommended material because it is light and breathable.

Many find this to be the most effective home remedy for rough skin on feet. However, some people dislike the smell of vinegar. Keep in mind that the fragrance does not stay on the skin and it disappears relatively quickly. Those who dislike the smell significantly may want to try a baking soda soak to avoid smelling vinegar for a half hour.

Baking Soda for Rough Skin

Baking soda is another pantry item that has many uses, including removing rough skin from feet. One cup of baking soda mixed with two gallons of water is the ideal mix for the rough skin removal. Wait for the baking soda to dissolve completely before soaking for at least 30 minutes.

Rinse all residues off the feet and gently dry the area. Put on lotion and socks as directed for the vinegar soak.

The benefit of using either approach is that the soaks offer natural foot odor removers as well. Vinegar can help get rid of strong foot odor if put directly on the feet. Apply a little vinegar on the feet before soaking in either recipe to get rid of strong foot odor. It is important to rinse the vinegar away before putting it in a baking soda bath.

Salicylic Acid Wash

Washing rough feet with salicylic acid is a great option for removing dead skin and rough patches. The acidic element naturally removes the troublesome rough spots and it is present in many skincare and hair products. Which type you use is subjective.

Skin exfoliating and blackhead cleaning products often contain salicylic acid. Simply wash feet according to the directions as you would on your face. Some like to use a loofah sponge for additional exfoliation.

Anti-dandruff shampoos often contain the acid as well. People who use this approach put the shampoo on the rough skin directly without diluting it with water. Rub the area with a textured cloth or loofha in order to gently remove the rough skin.

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