Home Remedies for Busted Pimples

Did you squeeze a zit? Did you have a big pimple that busted on its own? Regardless of how the pimple busted, you now have stuff oozing on your face, and you may even have a huge red mark which may be a bit swollen. You need home remedies for busted pimples.

home remedies for busted pimples Home Remedies for Busted Pimples

Use Alcohol on Busted Pimples

It will sting, but you should start by applying alcohol to the busted pimple. First, this cleans away any germs, and possibly prevents the busted pimple from turning into a sore. Second, this helps to dry the pimple up, which will stop the oozing.

Pour a little alcohol on a cotton ball, and dab it on the pimple. Do not rub the pimple with the cotton. Dab it, or hold it on the area without moving. Remember that it is going to sting. After a few seconds of dabbing the area, you can follow up with some plain water on a cotton ball to cool it. Do not touch the pimple with your hands.

Take Care of the Redness and Swelling

Ice will get the swelling down, but it may not do much for the redness. In fact, because it is cold, it could actually increase the redness. Wrap the ice in a washcloth before applying it to the area, and only leave it on for a few minutes. The redness should go away within fifteen minutes.

After using ice to get the redness down, you might try using a slice of cucumber on the area. This may help with any redness or bruising that may have occurred if you squeezed the pimple. Leave the slice of cucumber on the area for several minutes for best results.

Do Not Use Makeup to Cover Busted Pimples

Many people will use a cover stick or other makeup to try to hide a busted pimple. This is almost always a mistake. A busted pimple is similar to an open wound, and you are essentially shoving chemicals and other unnatural products into an open wound, which could lead to more pimples or an infection of that particular area.

If you absolutely feel that you must cover the area with makeup, use a medicated cover stick. These medicated sticks may have enough antibacterial medication in them to prevent a sore from forming, or an infection from occurring.

Naturally, the best way to avoid a busted pimple is to keep your hands off of the area. If you do bust a pimple, however, you should note that even if you do nothing at all, the redness, swelling, and oozing will stop on its own – usually within an hours time.

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