Home Made Facial Masks for Mature Skin

When we talk about mature skin, in most cases, we are talking about skin that is dry and wrinkled. The polite term, however, is mature skin. When you are seeking out home made facial masks for mature skin, what you are really looking for is recipes for home made facial masks to reduce the wrinkles and to moisturize the skin.

home made facial masks for mature skin Home Made Facial Masks for Mature Skin

Home Made Facial Masks for Wrinkles

There is no facial mask on the planet – home made or chemically produced – that will get rid of wrinkles forever, or even for a long period of time. However, you can make masks that will make the skin firmer for a short period of time, which does actually temporarily reduce wrinkles. These masks should be used at least once a week, but twice a week is better.

For reducing wrinkles, the best type of facial masks will be one that includes egg whites. A popular home made mask using egg whites includes mixing one egg white, and the juice from half of a lemon. You will, of course, want to strain the lemon juice since it should be freshly squeezed. To this mixture, you will need to add about half a teaspoon of salt. Apply the mixture to your skin, and allow it to dry for about twenty minutes, and then rinse the mask away.

Home Made Facial Masks for Deep Cleaning

If you want a mask that will also provide you with deep cleaning action, while reducing wrinkles and moisturizing the skin, use a mask that contains green clay, essential oil of rosemary, and essential oil of lemon. Use three tablespoons of the clay, and two drops of each of the oils. Apply the mixture to your face, and leave it on for about ten minutes. Rinse the mixture away with warm water and then pat your face dry.

Home Made Facial Masks for Revitalization

For either of these home made facial masks, you can add a drop or two of mint. The mint will revitalize your skin, and your spirit, giving you more energy as well as making your wrinkles less noticeable. You can use essential oil of mint, or freshly ground mint in the mixture. You can also make a separate mint facial mask by combining a tablespoon of cucumber juice to one egg white, and adding a tablespoon of mint juice, about a teaspoon of honey, and some yogurt. In place of mint juice, you can use mint extract as well.

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