Herbal Remedies for Dying Tooth

Tooth pain can range from a mild discomfort to an excruciating pain that can stop you in your tracks. Some tooth pain can be a symptom of a dying tooth.  If you are experiencing any symptoms of a dying tooth you need to begin to treat the problem as soon as possible in an effort to save the tooth.  Some herbal remedies are available to treat tooth pain and perhaps save your dying tooth.

herbal remedies for dying tooth Herbal Remedies for Dying Tooth

Symptoms Indicating the Need for Herbal Remedies for Dying Tooth

When a tooth is dying or the nerve of a tooth is dying usually the first symptom you may notice is an increased sensitivity to heat or cold.  The sensitivity may be constant or intermittent.  Other symptoms you may notice include pain when you bite down on food or while chewing your food, swelling of the face or jaw, gum abscess or boils around the gum line.  If you notice these symptoms you should see your dentist.

At Home Herbal Remedies for Dying Tooth

There are some herbal remedies that offer relief for toothache pain.  One of the most common herbs is the use of clove oil or ground cloves on the dying tooth. The use of Echinacea tincture applied to the tooth can help relieve the pain.  Infuse some water with tea tree essential oil and use this to clean the mouth.  This mixture is known for its potent antibacterial properties and it can give quick relief to inflammation and pain associated with a dying tooth.

Prevention and good oral hygiene may save you a lot of pain and discomfort in the long run.  Some good preventive herbal remedies come in the form of toothpastes.  Two good options are Myrrh toothpaste and Calendula toothpaste as they both offer antibacterial and astringent properties.  You can purchase these in more natural health food markets.

Herbal Remedies for Dying Tooth from the Garden

A few herbal remedies that you won’t find in your kitchen but can find growing outside are also great remedies.  The first is raw plantain leaves.  Crush the plantain leaves and place it on the dying tooth to help relieve the symptoms.  Another plant that grows wild is Yarrow. It can be found in meadows, fields and along the side of the road.  Applying fresh root or leaves of yarrow to the tooth or gums will relieve tooth pain; it is also helpful for healing wounds and to stop bleeding.

Remember that these are herbal remedies that are meant to treat the symptoms of a dying tooth or a toothache.  If your toothache does not respond to these treatments or becomes worse you should consult a dentist immediately to avoid further complications.  You may be too late to save your dying tooth.

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