Disadvantages of Being a Vegetarian

The positive benefits of being a vegetarian are well known. These include:

  • more energy
  • less chance of being overweight
  • healthier glow/clearer complexion
  • higher fiber diet
  • less chances of getting certain medical conditions such as colon cancer
  • not participating in the inhumane way that animals are slaughtered for food

vegetarian Disadvantages of Being a Vegetarian

The list of positive benefits of being a vegetarian go on and on.  How can anyone of us not want to reap these benefits?  So the question that begs itself to be asked is, if there are so many positives to being a vegetarian, why do so many people still eat meat and what are some of the disadvantages of being a vegetarian?

Disadvantages of Being a Vegetarian

1) Decreased protein - meat provides us with adequate store of protein which our body needs to use for activities related to the repair, growth and maintenance of cells in our body. Protein gives us energy and helps our body fight against infections.  There are other foods that give us protein such as eggs, milk, spinach, soybean, fish, whole grains, rice, beans, corn, oats, nuts, peas and peanut butter.

2) Lack of food choices – some restaurants and grocery stores still do not offer a wide selection of vegetarian entrees to choose from.  Also, when someone who is a vegetarian goes out to eat over at a friends house, there are not always vegetarian options available.

3) Difficulty when with a crowd – it’s just easier to fix a meal for everyone then to fix two different alternatives. One meal for everyone else in your family who eats meat and then another meatless meal just for you.

4)  Decreased creatinine – creatinine, which comes from meat, helps our body build muscle mass, an essential function for every movement we make.

5) Decreased vitamins and minerals – strict vegans who do not partake in the use of any animal products of any kind, have to be more conscious of getting vitamins B12 vitamin, Iron and Calcium. Fortunately, these deficits can be made up for and supplements can be taken.

Whether you are a vegetarian for religious, health or moral reasons or if you are considering becoming a vegetarian, look at the list of disadvantages of becoming a vegetarian and think of ways to combat or anticipate each one. Also, people with a need for a larger body mass such as weight lifters may need to rethink their desire for a vegetarian diet as supplements may not give you adequate protein stores needed.


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  1. 32
    Brad L'lee Says:

    MAN RULES THE WORLD. We should be able to kill and eat anything we want, in any quantity we want, and that includes each other. If the Asian peeps eat all of the fish out of the sea, oh well…. that just means they won’t have anything to eat, and eventually they will all starve and we won’t have to look at their slant-eyed yellow faces any more. If black people eat all the fried chicken and ham hocks -same thing. Or if the Cubans eat all the pigs – same thing. Nothing I can do about it.
    Hope that helps

  2. 31
    Brad L'lee Says:

    Another disadvantage – not eating meat leaves more smelly animals running around, scuffing up our planet. MAN’s PLANET. It’s much better to kill them and “manga” if you get my drift.

    PS – “Thou Shalt Not Kill” correctly translated from the Hebrew would be “Thou Shalt Not Murder” – meaning commit a pre-meditated killing of another human. Has nothing to do with eating meat.

    In my opinion, vegans are a complete pain in everyone else’s ass. It’s not just that they won’t eat meat – they won’t consume ANY animal product, even milk and cheese. They won’t eat eggs. They won’t eat anything with gelatin in it (which is made from animal products). They won’t eat anything that was processed with equipment that might have touched something processing animal products. It’s a total pain in everyone elses’ asses who have to cater to these skinny little pale sickly dweebs. I’m not saying you have to chow down on a 72 oz. Porterhouse at every meal – but c’mon. At least have a slice of cheese or something (and no- Soy Milk does NOT taste better than cow milk. It tastes TERRIBLE, as does Tofu and particularly Tofurkey, which is about as disgusting as any food product could possibly be. Vegans should have to pay an annual “nuisance” fine just for hanging around the rest of us. Hope that helps !

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