Cures for Weak Erections

In the middle of sex, your erection lessens. It doesn’t necessarily go away; it just becomes weak, for lack of a better term. This can not only be embarrassing and unsatisfying, but it can also be a cause of great concern. What is happening? Are there any cures for weak erections?

Cures for Weak Erections Cures for Weak Erections

The Causes of a Weak Erection

The first thing that you need to understand is what is happening. This is a physical problem, as opposed to a psychological problem. This is not an issue where you do not find your partner attractive, and it is important for your partner to understand that as well. The fact that you got any erection at all proves that first, you are attracted, and second, this is not a psychological problem.

The most common cause of a weak erection is due to a lack of blood flow to the penis. This indicates a problem somewhere between your heart and your penis, and you need to seek medical treatment.

Treatment for Weak Erections

Treatment usually consists of finding the problem and correcting it, which is usually a very easy process for a medical doctor. Your doctor must find the cause of the lack of adequate blood flow. The causes of the lack of blood flow include diabetes, prostate cancer, cardiovascular disorders, and the use of drugs, multiple sclerosis, hormonal problems, alcohol abuse, and certain medications. Age can also be the cause.

Typically, once the medical problem is resolved, you won’t experience weak erections anymore. However if the problem is a long term problem that is not easily resolved, or if permanent damage has been done, your doctor can usually prescribe medication that will enable you to get and maintain a strong erection.

Professional Medical Care or a Natural or OTC Remedy?

You will hear about numerous natural remedies for weak erections in your quest for a solution, and many people turn to these remedies simply because they are embarrassed to visit their doctor concerning the problem.

While some natural or over-the-counter remedies will work, they should not be used until you visit your doctor to find the underlying cause of the weak erections, and get that problem treated. Should you decide that you prefer to use a natural or OTC remedy instead of prescribed medication, discuss your options with your doctor first. Do not skip seeing your doctor to find the cause of the problem, because this particular problem could be the first sign that you have of a serious medical condition that needs attention.

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