Colitis Natural Treatment

What is Colitis?

Colitis is a chronic disease that involves inflammation of the colon, cecum and rectum. It can be either acute or chronic.  Ulcerative colitis is a form of colitis that has progressed which has the same symptoms but also has ulcers and open sores open in the colon.

colitis natural treatment Colitis Natural Treatment

Symptoms of Colitis

Colitis can flare-up during which symptoms appear and then resolve. Colitis can cause a decrease in the amounts of water and minerals that your body absorbs which can lead to nutritional deficiencies.  These nutritional deficiencies can cause general ill health, possible dehydrations, anemia, loss of appetite and general fatigue.

Symptoms of colitis include swelling of the colon, abdominal tenderness, weight loss, fatigue, pain diarrhea, bloating, urgency, fever, blood in the stools and depression.

Colitis Natural Treatment

Colitis natural treatment consists of treating the symptoms and relieving the inflammation in the bowel.  There are some things you can do to help yourself at home.

Diet – Fish oils, cod liver oil and omega-3 fatty acids have been beneficial in helping to reduce the inflammatory effects of colitis in the bowel. Changes to your diet are one of the most effective colitis natural treatments. Typically any food that can produce gas can facilitate an attack, such as broccoli, beans, cabbage, corn and onions.   Foods high in fiber and with high concentrations of fat can bring on attacks as well.  Some of these include French fries, fried chicken, ice cream, red meat, raw vegetable and whole grains. Always drink plenty of water.  Colitis natural treatment can also be achieved using supplements in the diet.  Some of the important ones are proteolytic enzymes which are important to aid in the proper digestion of proteins, a prodophilus supplement to help balance bacteria in the intestine and vitamin B complex which is essential for breaking down and digesting carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

Exercise – Regular exercise can help improve the circulation throughout your body, including your bowels and your digestion.

Alternative Medicine – Reducing stress is effective as a colitis natural treatment. You can learn relaxation techniques, practice yoga and meditation or even elect to have acupuncture or acupressure treatments.  These will help reduce your stress and with colitis. Some herbal remedies are used for colitis natural treatment for strengthening the immune system, alleviating stress and tension to treat specific symptoms of the disease. Massage therapies such as reflexology, cranio-sacral therapy, oriental body work and body massage can help reduce inflammation, constipation and the spasms associated with colitis. Use of hot packs on the abdomen can help during an attack; also a warm sitz bath can help relieve pain and discomfort.

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