Can Smoking Weed Cause Weight Loss?

If anyone ever tries to convince you that you can lose weight by smoking weed, they are either boldly lying to you, or they are incredibly misinformed. Smoking weed does not cause weight loss. In fact, if anything, it typically causes weight gain.

can smoking weed cause weight loss Can Smoking Weed Cause Weight Loss?

Weight Loss Claims from Smoking Weed

There are those people who actually have lost weight despite the fact that they smoke weed regularly. In most cases, this is for one of two reasons. Either the person already has an incredibly high metabolic rate, or they have an underlying health issue that is causing the weight loss.

When you smoke weed, the THC in the drug causes lots of things to happen in your body. One of those things is an increase in appetite, which is usually caused by everything else that is going on internally. There have been studies that show that when people get the ‘munchies’ from smoking weed, they typically crave and reach for high calorie, sweet foods. It has not yet been determined why this is the preference, but we do know that such foods tend to pack the weight on – not take it off.

How to Combat Weight Gain Associated with Smoking Weed

If you smoke weed regularly, and you find that you are gaining weight, in order to stop this weight gain, or to prevent it from continuing, you either have to stop smoking weed, or you have to make other adjustments in your life. For example, during those periods when you are not high, you may need to eat less and exercise more to make up for the periods when you are high, eating, and not exercising.

The Other Dangers Associated with Smoking Weed

Aside from weight gain associated with smoking weed, there are other health issues that you need to be aware of. You are more likely to get cancer from smoking weed than you are from smoking regular tobacco cigarettes. Weed can affect your fertility – in men and women. Smoking weed also kills off brain cells, making it more difficult to remember and learn, and it also affects the chemical balances in the brain, affecting your moods and feelings in a negative way.

When you add the potential for weight gain to this, you will see that while the high that you get from marijuana may be enjoyable, the health risks associated with it may not be worth the price you are going to pay for smoking weed.

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  1. 42
    Tina Says:

    usually its the same thing with cigarettes. the same thing happened to me i found out thats because of an oral fixation

  2. 41
    fatass Says:

    I was a “pothead” for roughly 6-8 years of my life 17-24ish, i smoked multiple times a day…i weighed around 160-170 during that period…it has been nearly 3 years since i stopped smoking and a lot has changed…im more active, ive gotten engaged, learned that life is made up of a lot more than blazing up and playing video games….however i now weigh around 220 pounds and im not sure when the weight gain will stop….i dont really eexercise and never have other than in home stuff (dumbbells/pushups/situps ) but i eat better and healthier than i ever have but continue to get fatter….i find myself strongly considering talking to my fiancee about starting to smoke again for maybe a 6 month period just to see if i would drop any weight….i think i would rather be a goodlooking pothead than a clear minded fatass..

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