Blocking Histamine with Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an extremely popular preventative measure for the common cold. The vitamin is also used to treat colds as well. There is good reason that this supplement is such a good choice for dealing with the common cold, and it may be a great resource for people who suffer from allergies, too.

Vitamin C for Allergies

Allergy sufferers can breathe easy knowing that a popular complementary treatment for the common cold is readily available to treat allergic reactions to histamines. Studies suggest that the vitamin supplement can interfere with allergic reactions, reducing the symptoms significantly. The vitamin is effective in reducing histamine release and it can help the histamine break down more efficiently after it is released.

vitamin c Blocking Histamine with Vitamin C

Studies on the other end of the spectrum look at the effects of deficient levels of vitamin C. The studies have found that people who have a significant deficiency of this vitamin are more prone to have higher levels of histamine in the blood. The higher levels of histamine lead to troublesome symptoms associated with allergies.

Chronic Allergy Suffers

Those who have chronic allergies may find the studies to be encouraging, but a little difficult to swallow, considering that vitamin C supplements are not exactly cutting-edge developments in alternative medicine. Diane Boudreau writes for ASU Research E-Magazine about building A Case for C, among the many benefits is the vitamin’s ability to block histamine. Although vitamin C looks promising in lab studies, it may offer marginal benefits for chronic allergy sufferers.

Any improvement is quite welcome for people who suffer from allergies on a regular basis. The modest effects may be enough to prove as a complement to approaches determined by a physician. The vitamin is a natural antioxidant that boasts a number of other benefits besides its modest ability to block histamine.

Is Vitamin C Effective enough to treat allergies? While the approach is somewhat effective, it is a good augmentation to other therapies at best. This is not to suggest that using the supplements is useless; it merely isn’t a primary treatment for chronic allergy sufferers.


Getting the proper dosage is important. Some believe that it is impossible to overdose on vitamin C, while others contend that too much of anything can indeed hurt you. Talking to a doctor about using the vitamin as a possible histamine blocker is a great place to begin determining what dose is right for you.

Common suggestions for vitamin C dosages vary according to different sources. It is helpful to keep dosage between 1,000 and 2,000 milligrams daily. Some people prefer to break the dosage into smaller installments, with two to four smaller doses taken throughout the day.

Vitamin C is a great supplement because it offers many benefits. Keeping a healthy level of this antioxidant in your bloodstream can help to reduce the levels of histamines released in your body. This is excellent preventative measure for mild allergies.

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