Benefits of Cinnamon Aromatherapy

Cinnamon, also known as Cinnamomum Zeylanicum originally comes to us from Asia, and we’ve used it extensively for centuries. We use it for flavoring in food, but we also use it externally for health purposes due to the many benefits of this herb. We also use cinnamon aromatherapy for all of the benefits that this offers as well.

benefits of cinnamon aromatherapy Benefits of Cinnamon Aromatherapy

Cinnamon Oil or Cinnamon for Aromatherapy?

Because some people find that they have an allergic reaction to cinnamon oil, cinnamon in its natural form is usually preferred for aromatherapy. This typically means that you cannot use an aromatherapy diffuser, as they use oil. You can, however, use the cinnamon in a variety of ways to get the benefits of cinnamon aromatherapy.

Note that for aromatherapy purposes, you won’t want to use ground cinnamon in most cases. Instead, you will want to use whole cinnamon or cinnamon sticks.

The Main Benefits of Cinnamon

For centuries, cinnamon has been used to treat a variety of health problems. These problems include menstruation problems, arthritis, yeast infections, diarrhea, colds and flu, and digestive issues.

Typically, for these issues, the cinnamon is ingested, except in the case of arthritis, where it may be applied to the skin. When ingested, the cinnamon might be prepared a certain way, such as made into a tea, or mixed with other beneficial herbs.

The Main Benefits of Cinnamon Aromatherapy

Whether smelled or ingested, cinnamon has the ability to increase brain activity. It has also been proven to reduce nervousness and to improve the memory. The study that found these things also found that cinnamon can help you to focus better and speed up your visual response.

Additionally, cinnamon has the ability to purify the blood, to improve blood circulation, to treat infections, to stop bleeding, to reduce pain, to control blood sugar, to protect the heart from disease, to improve the function and health of the colon, to improve respiration and digestion, to relieve menstrual discomfort, and to increase the production of breast milk.

While the benefits are numerous, there is one thing that women should be aware of. Cinnamon can act as a natural form of birth control. Naturally, you wouldn’t want to depend on it 100% in the prevention of pregnancy, but you might want to avoid it if you are hoping to become pregnant in the immediate future. At the same time, cinnamon is believed to be a mild aphrodisiac as well.

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