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In 1920, Alexander James (Jemchoojny) discovered the cause of asthma and developed an effective way, the James Method, to treat it. In contrast to the traditional drug therapies used to treat asthma, the James Method consists of breathing exercises and Mechanical Vibratory Stimulation therapy, which work by correcting the patient’s breathing, circulation and diet.

If implemented properly, within days this drug free treatment can restore normal mobility of the chest cage and correct the breathing function. According to Dr James, this method has been used to treat and cure thousands of people across the world, eradicating asthma completely in 90% of the cases.

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Dr. Alexander James Biography

Alexander James was born Alexander Jemchoojny in 1882 in Yaroslav, Russia. In 1910, he graduated with honours at the Imperial Moscow University and subsequently worked as a Medical Officer of the Solicamsk District Hospital. During World War 1, James became a Military Doctor of the Imperial Russian Army, and in 1918 the Russian doctor began working for the Kuban government.

At the age of 58, James decided to immigrate to Australia with his wife and one of his daughters. There he enrolled as a full-time student in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Sydney.

After passing all his examinations, James opened a Sanatorium/guest house for asthma patients and began further developing the Mechanical Vibratory Stimulation method. However, during the next few years James found it hard to get this method accredited since he couldn’t prove the results of the treatment through a published article. Nonetheless the doctor’s asthma patients convinced him to persevere and direct all his attention to asthma. This proved successful and in 1961 James opened a Clinic in Wollongong.

Dr. James Method Description

The James Method is founded on the notion that asthma is a condition of the lungs and not a disease. This condition is the result of shallow, defective breathing through which the chest-cage becomes partly or severely immobilised, reducing the space which the lungs require to expand in the process of breathing. In a severe case of asthma the lack of space means that the lungs are ‘strangled’ or squeezed causing chest stagnation.

Asthmatics also suffer from Bronchitis , a condition which causes the lungs to increase in size and require more room for expansion than healthy lungs. This increase in size coupled with the pressure of a restricted chest cage is responsible for attacks of suffocation and shortness of breath.

In the light of these findings, drug therapies are not efficient in curing asthma. According to Dr James, traditional anti-asthmatic drugs are only useful in reducing the symptoms of the condition and do not help restore the lungs and chest to their former healthy state.

The James Method on the other hand works by improving the patients breathing through breathing exercises and by improving chest mobility through the Mechanical Vibratory Stimulation.

Mechanical Vibratory Stimulation

Mechanical Vibration is the term used for therapeutic massage that had currency in the USA in the early part of the 20th century. “Mechanical Vibration”, written by Dr. Arnold Snow, and published in 1912, was an important book from that era.

Mechanical Vibratory Stimulation includes both hand massage techniques and massage applied by way of mechanical devices. There are three main classifications for Mechanical Vibratory Stimulation.

Interrupted Vibration, refers to therapeutic vibration that is applied to the body with varying degrees of pressure. This vibration may be either superficial or penetrate deep into the muscle.

Stroking, refers to low pressure vibratory contact which does not penetrate into the muscle.

Friction, refers to deep vibratory impulse with varying degrees of pressure.

Rolling, refers to a backwards and forwards movement designed to stimulate underlying structures in the body.

Dr. James Method Treatment

The James Method Treatment takes between 10-14 days, depending on the severity of the asthma condition. A longer period may be required if the patient’s condition is terribly severe and/or other health issues are present.

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