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chakra ebook Chakra Energy Massage Chakra Energy Massage is a form of Asian medicinal therapy designed to awaken the body’s energy systems to natural forces of healing and energy. This form of massage is based on the idea that each body has a Kundalini — an intense form of healing energy. Chakra Energy Massage is designed to awaken this energy from the base of the spine and promote its diffusion throughout the body. This in turn leads to the patient feeling more energetic and rejuvenates the body’s natural healing processes. This treatment is also known as Tantric Massage, and is believed to release sexual energy within the body.


In Chakra Energy Massage, Kundalini is believed to be the creative energy reserve found at the base of the spine. The consciousness is spread throughout body from the spine rather than the head. Kundalini can also be thought of from a psychological perspective, where it is the source of a patient’s unconscious libidinous energy. The word itself is Sanskrit for ‘coiled up’, with connotations to snakes and femininity, and represents dormant energy with vast potential. Normally, it is symbolised by a serpent coiled into three and a half circles with its tail in its mouth and spiralling around a central axis that is a sacrum or sacred bone.

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Chakras have been divided up into different areas that correlate to properties in the body and emotional responses. These are:

Sahasrara — this chakra is believed to be the chakra of consciousness and is located at the crown of the head. It is believed to connect the central nervous system, and also secrete hormones that communicate to the endocrine system.

Anja — this chakra is is connected to time, awareness and light. It is believed to be responsible for the regulation of sleep through production of the hormone melatonin.

Vishudda — this is believed to be found in the throat, and is credited with communication and growth through expression. It is linked to the thyroid gland that produces the hormone for maturation.

Anahata — this chakra is related to emotions and equilibrium. It is believed to be located in the chest, and is responsible for the regulation of the immune system.

Manipura — this is related to the transition from simple to complex emotions, as well as digestion and the conversion of food into energy.

Swadhistana — this is also known as the sacral chakra and is believed to be related to basic emotions, sexuality and creativity. It corresponds to the testicles and the ovaries in producing sexual energy in the reproductive cycle.

Muladhara — this chakra is believed to be located in the region between the genitals and anus. It is related to instinct, security and survival, and as such is responsible for the fight-or-flight response.

Chakra (Energy Massage) Example

In Chakra Energy Massage, the patient is asked to lie on their back on a massage table, under a sheet. The practitioner then begins with a foot massage, before moving onto some reflexology that is designed to stretch all the body’s muscles and work out any knots, as well as balance the patient’s body and promote free-flowing energy. The practitioner aims to unblock the patient’s Chakras through massaging the points on the body that align with certain energy fields. A range of different techniques are then used to awaken the Kundalini. They are paired with intense Tantric breathing exercises designed to draw the Kundalini’s energy through the whole body. Not every patient is able to experience the awakened energy, but the treatments are catered to their individual physiques. By the end of the session, the patient is intended to feel relaxed, but also highly energised.

Learn more about how to use chakra through meditation.

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