Afraid of needles? Never mind. Acutouch therapy allows you to enjoy the thrills of acupuncture without the discomfort of being pricked. Based on the principle of applying pressure to key acupuncture points, Acutouch therapy is similar to acupuncture minus the needles. This non-invasive therapy is a revolutionary approach and when used in conjunction with other therapies, has shown remarkable results.

Acutouch History

Acutouch originated from the ancient healing techniques practiced in East India, Japan, Tibet and of course China and is deeply influenced by the principles of Buddhism. It is believed that every cell in your body is totally aware of how you think and feel. This bio-energy or life force penetrates deep into every organ and on the skin it flows through the capillary network. Acutouch seeks to restore the flow of this life force by removing any blockage. This is done by working on the pressure points in the capillary network.

How Does Acutouch Work?

acutouch AcutouchAcu-therapy focuses on balancing the body’s energy by gently tapping the finger tips upon key locations in the body. The underlying philosophy of all holistic healing procedures is that there is a natural life force that flows through all the organs in the body. When the flow of this force is thwarted or blocked, an external symptom appears. A disease is then diagnosed. When this flow is restored, the disease gets healed.

As with any holistic healing procedure, Acutouch also incites the body to heal itself and tries to garner the natural energy of the body to promote health. Acutouch uses the power of the fingertips to stimulate the flow of life force through the energy channels in the body. The practitioner has a high quantum of energy within him. By touching the patient, the practitioner passes on his own energy to the patient. Healing takes place in this way.

What Can Acutouch Treat?

Luckily for patients, Acutouch is very successful in treating pain. Acutouch can be used in conjunction with Acupuncture and anesthesia to reduce acute post-surgical pain. Moreover, Acutouch is used to treat a wide number of conditions, like Sinusitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Nausea, Lower Back Pain, Osteo-artritis, Migraine, Asthma, and Strokes.

Acutouch works on all kinds of ailments, especially those that result from the normal and natural wear and tear of your body system. Some ‘dis-eases’ may need more time, while others get treated quicker. But a fix is always there.

Acutouch therapy is not a quick fix therapy. Depending on the nature and severity of the disease, the time taken for healing varies. As with any kind of holistic healing , whether it is Ayurveda , Allopathy, Naturopathy or Homeopathy , it is important to realize that healing is done by NATURE and not by the physician. Acutouch empowers home users to take charge of their own healing process. Since it is completely natural, it is free of any side effects and is one hundred percent safe, though the user may suffer some initial discomfort at the start of the therapy. This is just a ‘healing crisis’ where sometime things have to get worse before they can get better.

Acutouch and acupuncture are almost similar except for the technique. Since Acutouch is non-invasive, the patient’s acceptance of this therapy is better. The results are the same and sometimes even better than traditional acupuncture. This is a highly recommended mode of treatment for children as well as adults. Patients must remember to maintain the treatment to ensure total and complete recovery.

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