Alcohol Abuse Rehab

If you have a desire to help people who have some serious problems, you might want to consider a career as a substance abuse counselor, and work with patients who are participating in alcohol abuse rehab. This is an important job, which makes a huge difference in the lives of individuals and families.

alcohol abuse rehab Alcohol Abuse Rehab

Although substance abuse counselors can work with people who have many different addictions, such as addictions to drugs, alcohol, gambling, food, and more, they can also specialize in certain addictions, such as alcohol addiction. If you are interested in substance abuse counseling, you should carefully consider whether you want to specialize or not.

While many people who train for a career as a substance abuse counselor are already educated and working in a psychology field, this is not required. You can start attending college to train for this field with nothing more than a high school diploma. Unfortunately, this is a growing field, which is an indication that the drug and alcohol problems are continuing to grow, but through this career, you can find a great deal of joy and satisfaction, as long as you are aware that there will be sorrowful moments in this type of career as well.

The average salary for a substance abuse counselor is $33,000 annually. Training can last from six weeks to two years, and there are many on-the-job training opportunities. While this is an easy field to enter, you will find that you have greater job and salary opportunities, however, if you obtain a bachelors degree in the field of counseling, and then take a short training course for substance abuse counseling. There are also many associate and bachelor programs offered through various colleges that place emphasis on a career as a substance abuse counselor, and that will even allow you to specialize in alcohol abuse.

Course Title: Substance Abuse Counselor Certificate Program
Company Name: University of the Pacific
Location: 1776 West March Lane, Suite 290, Stockton, California, United States
Description: This program consists of 22 credit hours, and classes are available in a traditional setting as well as online. Students will learn assessment skills, treatment planning, individual and group counseling strategies, case management, intervention, drug abuse education, and more.

Course Title: CSAC I, CSAC II, CDAAC, and MDAAC
Company Name: Association of Christian Alcohol & Drug Counselors Institute
Location: 12146 California Street, Yucaipa, California, United States
Description: The ACADC offers distance education to those who wish to become substance abuse counselors, and their fees are quite reasonable. Different levels of training are offered, so you can select the right program for your current position, or start from the very beginning.

Course Title: Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor Training Program
Company Name: Santa Monica College
Location: Pico Blvd., Santa Monica, California, United States
Description: This complete program is approved by the California Certification Board of Chemical Dependency Counseling, and prepares the student for the certification examination.

Course Title: Addiction Counselor Training Program
Company Name: The Distance Learning Center for Addiction Studies
Location: Online, United States
Description: This is an online program that provides individuals with comprehensive training in the field of substance abuse counseling. This program provides the credit hours necessary for credential testing.

Course Title: Various Substance Abuse Counseling Courses
Company Name: Training Institute for Addiction Counselors
Location: 5230 Clark Avenue, Suite 14, Lakewood, California, United States
Description: Through this organization, you can obtain the information and required credit hours you need for credential testing through your State Board.

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