Skin Rash

Changing the skin’s natural color and feel as well as its texture and appearance, a skin rash is also plainly referred to as a rash.  Furthermore, a skin rash is an unhealthful dermatological condition of the skin which can develop in a single limited location on an individual’s body, it can appear in several locations or it can spread all over the individual’s skin.

skin rash Skin Rash

Symptoms of Skin Rashes

The possible symptoms of skin rashes are endless but the following are the most common among them:

Insect bite.  The appearance of a skin rash due to a reaction to insect bites is usually bumpy red swellings that sting or itch.

Acne.  Acne is a type of a rash that usually affect the face, chest and back and it displays inflamed red bumps which are filled with pus and are painful when touched.

Allergic Reaction.  When the skin displays sensitivity or an allergic reaction to food, drugs, pollutants, toxins or any other allergens; it often develops red raised or flat sores anywhere on the body and they are usually very itchy.

Allergic Purpura.  Some individuals have adverse allergic reactions to particular medications and such reactions may appear as large bruises or small red dots all over the body.

Hives.  Hives can appear anywhere on the skin and they are large, bright red lumps that are almost unbearably itchy.

Measles.  Beginning on the forehead and traveling downward, measles lead to very itchy pimples which go along with the fever and sore throat of the disease .

Chickenpox.  Chickenpox develops a fever, coughing, sore throat and body aches along with an inflamed red rash that consists of itchy and painful blistering sores.  Much like the measles rash, the chickenpox rash begins with the face and spreads down to the rest of the body.

Shingles.  Shingles causes an excruciatingly painful rash that appears as crusted red blisters.

Irritant Contact Dermatitis / Allergic Contact Dermatitis.  Most often affecting the eyebrows, nose and the edge of the hairline, irritant contact dermatitis and allergic contact dermatitis develop flaky red and hardened oily bumps that are itchy or sore.

Boils.  Boils develop as a single large lump or a bunch of smaller lumps.  They are inflamed, filled with infectious pus and very painful.

Cellulitis.  Cellulitis is characterized by an inflamed, swollen and sore area surrounding a site where the skin had been cut or scraped.

Cradle Cap.  Cradle cap appears as a scaly or flaky rash on a baby’s head.

Rosacea.  The rosacea rash typically affects the facial skin and it appears as flushed and reddened blotches.

Psoriasis.  Psoriasis rashes are silvery white, scaly and bulging lumps atop inflamed patches of sensitive skin usually appearing on the elbows and knees.

Seborrheic Dermatitis.  This rash develops near or around glands and it appears as swollen and painful bumps.

How to Treat Skin Rashes?

Because scratching or rubbing a skin rash may cause it to spread or become infected, the most important treatment therapy for any skin rashes is to avoid unnecessary contact with it.  It is then important to treat its cause and relieve its symptoms of dryness, itching and / or pain.

The most popular home and over-the-counter topical remedies are cool water baths, oatmeal washes, chamomile tea compresses, as well as application of calamine lotion, corticoid cream and antihistamine ointment.  Effective natural moisturizers of dry and cracking skin are aloe vera, vitamin E and olive oil.

For more intensive treatment of persistent rashes; over-the- counter and prescribed oral medications such as antihistamines, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic drugs are very helpful.

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