Heat Rash

Heat rash (or prickly heat) is a common occurrence when a body is covered in too much clothing and gets too hot. This will lead to swelling an itching. The most affected group is infants, but adults can also be affected in humid climates.

heat rash Heat Rash

Causes of Heat Rash

Heat rash is often caused by hot weather. In babies, hot weather and warm clothing will not mix. For those who want to have a guide in order to dress their babies to prevent heat rash, they will want to dress their baby the same as adults in hot weather. Too much clothing will lead to heat rash and a very uncomfortable baby.

Symptoms of Heat Rash

Heat rash will appear at tiny pimples or dots on the skin. The most common areas on the body are the head, neck, and shoulder. The rash is usually irritated by scratching or clothing rubbing against it. And if there is a lot of scratching at the skin, a secondary infection can develop, but this is rare.

Treatments For Heat Rash

Hydrocortisone cream or calamine lotion is the standard over the counter treatment for those who suffer from heat rash. This will calm the itching of the skin and give the skin a cooling feeling. But other ointments and lotions should not be used to prevent further irritation of the skin.

Those suffering from heat rash should get cooled immediately. Once heat rash develops, avoid the sun. Then a cold wet cloth or a cool bath should be used to soothe the skin. And air drying is important—towels will only further irritate the area. Another outbreak of heat rash can be prevent by keeping the skin cool and dry when it is hot outside.

Medical treatment is only necessary if the heat rash does not disappear within a few days or the skin looks infected. A doctor can advise you on what to do for heat rash, but most of the time heat rash will go away on its own as long as the affected skin area is taken care of until it heals.

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