7 Reasons Why You Must Have Positive Thinking

Do you feel like bad things happen to you more than good things happen? Do you feel like you have the worst luck on the planet, or that the universe is working against you? This could actually be happening, and it could all be caused by negative thinking. You desperately need 7 reasons why you must have positive thinking.

7 Reasons Why You Must Have Positive Thinking 7 Reasons Why You Must Have Positive Thinking

What Exactly Is Positive Thinking?

Positive thinking is more than thought. Positive thinking requires you to not only think in a positive manner, but also to do things in a positive manner, and to speak in a positive manner. Without combining all three, thinking positive will do you little good.

You have to determine what is positive, and what is negative as well. For example, thinking that you cannot do something is negative. Thinking that you can is positive. Talking bad about yourself or others is negative, talking good about yourself and others are positive. Participating in behavior that is not acceptable is negative – no matter how much fun it may seem, while doing charity work is positive.

7 Good Reasons for Positive Thinking

  1. You get what you give. When you send out positive vibes in your speech, your thoughts, and your actions, you are more likely to have positive things happen in your life.
  2. You will enjoy better health. Positive people are healthier, and this has been scientifically proven. Furthermore, people who do get ill have a better chance of recovery when they adopt or keep a positive attitude.
  3. You will enjoy peace of mind. You will be amazed at the sense of peace that you experience once you’ve adopted a positive attitude with positive thought.
  4. You will be happier. It’s a proven fact that people who have positive attitudes are much happier than others, despite what is going on around them.
  5. You will get better at the things that you do. When you have a positive outlook, your mind functions better, allowing you to learn things much easier, and even to retain information more easily.
  6. People will like to be around you more. People simply do not like to be around someone who is negative all of the time. It becomes like a poison. Positive people are more like the cure for everything, and people enjoy their company and are inspired by them.
  7. You will have more energy. Positive people almost always enjoy higher levels of energy. This is because negativity sucks away more energy than positivity, and this has been proven.

How to Combat Negative Thinking

Combating negative thinking, and turning those negative thoughts into positive thoughts takes a concentrated effort. You have to break an old habit – negative thinking – and form a new habit – positive thinking. In the end, we know that it takes approximately twenty one days to form or break a habit, so you need to start positive thinking today.

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