5 Most Common Illegal Drugs

There are a multitude of illegal drugs being abused daily throughout the world. According to the National Institute for Drug Abuse among some of the most common drugs being used today include Marijuana, Cocaine, Ecstasy, Methamphetamine and Heroin. As these drugs become more readily available and cheaper to acquire their popularity has increased among drug abusers.

5 Most Common Illegal Drugs 5 Most Common Illegal Drugs

Use Continues Despite the Risks

Most people who abuse illegal drugs are very aware of the health risks they pose.  They continue to use the drugs despite these risks and the risks of imprisonment should they be caught with the drugs.  Drug use can cause such a strong addiction that the abuser is willing to risk anything and everything to obtain the drug and attempt to experience the effects it gives them.

The 5 Most Common Illegal Drugs Being Used Today

  • 5. Heroin – This drug can be injected, smoked or snorted.  There is a high risk of contracting HIV/AIDS due to frequent sharing of needles with those already infected.  The drug causes drowsiness, nausea, confusion, respiratory depression or arrest, coma, tolerance and addiction among many other health risks.
  • 4. Methamphetamine – Increasing availability is rapidly raising the popularity of methamphetamine.  The drug is highly addictive and comes in a variety of concentrations.  The use of this drug has increased presenting the concern that it may become the new cocaine within 10 years. Effects of this drug include but are not limited to violence and aggression, increased blood pressure and heart rate, memory loss, neurological and cardiac damage, heart failure, tolerance and addiction.
  • 3. Ecstasy – The party drug of choice for many people wanting to enhance their social experience who do not realize they will become addicted. This drug can cause confusion, anxiety and depression.  With regular use of the drug these symptoms can continue for weeks after using the drug.
  • 2. Cocaine – considered being many times more dangerous it is almost as common as marijuana.  Highly addictive it can be smoked, snorted, eaten or injected. Among some effects of this drug are increases in body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure and metabolism.
  • 1. Marijuana – It can be found in every small town and every large city across the country.  It remains the most popular drug of choice for teenagers and adults.  Marijuana is considered to be a gateway drug to more dangerous drugs.  It causes euphoria, confusion, decreased thought processing and reaction time, impaired coordination, increased heart rate, panic attacks, tolerance, addiction and other symptoms.

Get Help to Stop Using the 5 Most Common Illegal Drugs

If you or someone you love is addicted to illegal drugs there is help available.  There are many resources that are free to help beat drug addiction.  Contact the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administrations National Drug and Alcohol Treatment Service at 1-800-662-HELP (4357) to be directed to help near you.   Drug treatment programs can also be found online listed by state at www.findtreatment.samhsa.gov .Stop using drugs and begin living your life.

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    naruto Says:

    vince your stupid drugs r really bad

  2. 2
    Vince Says:

    juss cuz people use drugs dont mean their stupid. they make their own decisions juss like you make yours. Money comes easy and fast with a couple problems from selling. But the way the economy is their really is no other choice. And we all influence the younger generation to be more like us because they see us do it so they think its ok for them to do it….

  3. 1
    jazz j . Says:

    If you use drugs you are stupid , ignorant people that have no brains and you don’t care about the ones who love you and try to give you love . Instead you waste all your time , money , and lives on getting high and hurting and destroying your family , Your children and yourself’s lives without even knowing it ! Wake up people and regain control of your lives and pay back some appreciation and love that you have taken full advantage of while you were out there roaming the earth high and staying in a distorted way of living . I hope some of you addicts out there pay some attention to the severe damage your doing to people out there especially to your loved one’s ! Great job junkies i hope your proud of yourself , If a pipe bomb blew up in your face when you went to go get your mail out of the mail box one morning and exploded right in your face and took off your fingers and hands you probably wouldn’t even know it because you are so messed up and distorted from all the illegal substances you have ingested into your body .Wake people and sober up your lives before it’s to late ! ( Food for thought ) ! Bye – Bye _ Addicts of the world !

    A concerned citizen of the United States of America !

    Power to the sober people of the world , All junkies will crash and burn one day if they don’t stop using drugs ! Think about what your doing to your body , mind, and loved ones !

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